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According to WordNet, the verb "take_up" has 13 sense(s).

201312371 take out or up with or as if with a scoop; "scoop the sugar out of the container".

201540449 take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption.

201540844 accept; "The cloth takes up the liquid".

201197980 take up as if with a sponge.

201982395 occupy or take on; "He assumes the lotus position"; "She took her seat on the stage"; "We took our seats in the orchestra"; "She took up her position behind the tree"; "strike a pose".

202346724 take up and practice as one's own.

201539063 take in, also metaphorically; "The sponge absorbs water well"; "She drew strength from the minister's words".

202379528 begin work or acting in a certain capacity, office or job; "Take up a position"; "start a new job".

200350283 return to a previous location or condition; "The painting resumed its old condition when we restored it".

202649493 take up time or space; "take up the slack".

202591171 turn one's interest to; "He took up herpetology at the age of fifty".

200348422 pursue or resume; "take up a matter for consideration".

200602112 adopt; "take up new ideas".

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