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According to WordNet, the verb "follow" has 24 sense(s).

201744450 imitate in behavior; take as a model; "Teenagers follow their friends in everything".

202198602 keep under surveillance; "The police had been following him for weeks but they could not prove his involvement in the bombing".

202720697 to bring something about at a later time than; "She followed dinner with a brandy"; "He followed his lecture with a question and answer period".

200589738 grasp the meaning; "Can you follow her argument?"; "When he lectures, I cannot follow".

202720149 come as a logical consequence; follow logically; "It follows that your assertion is false"; "the theorem falls out nicely".

202720544 be next; "Mary plays best, with John and Sue following".

200729109 follow, discover, or ascertain the course of development of something; "We must follow closely the economic development is Cuba" ; "trace the student's progress".

202455407 follow with the eyes or the mind; "Keep an eye on the baby, please!"; "The world is watching Sarajevo"; "She followed the men with the binoculars".

200351406 keep to; "Stick to your principles"; "stick to the diet".

200150776 behave in accordance or in agreement with; "Follow a pattern"; "Follow my example".

201728355 perform an accompaniment to; "The orchestra could barely follow the frequent pitch changes of the soprano".

202445925 work in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function; "He is a herpetologist"; "She is our resident philosopher".

202712772 be later in time; "Tuesday always follows Monday".

202346895 choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans; "She followed the feminist movement"; "The candidate espouses Republican ideals".

202542280 act in accordance with someone's rules, commands, or wishes; "He complied with my instructions"; "You must comply or else!"; "Follow these simple rules"; "abide by the rules".

202625339 to be the product or result; "Melons come from a vine"; "Understanding comes from experience".

202600255 accept and follow the leadership or command or guidance of; "Let's follow our great helmsman!"; "She followed a guru for years".

201991931 travel along a certain course; "follow the road"; "follow the trail".

200118764 keep informed; "He kept up on his country's foreign policies".

202406585 be the successor (of); "Carter followed Ford"; "Will Charles succeed to the throne?".

202561697 adhere to or practice; "These people still follow the laws of their ancient religion".

201998432 to travel behind, go after, come after; "The ducklings followed their mother around the pond"; "Please follow the guide through the museum".

202720354 come after in time, as a result; "A terrible tsunami followed the earthquake".

202000868 follow in or as if in pursuit; "The police car pursued the suspected attacker"; "Her bad deed followed her and haunted her dreams all her life".

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