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According to WordNet, the noun "break" has 16 sense(s).

109278537 (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other; "they built it right over a geological fault"; "he studied the faulting of the earth's crust".

115271008 a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something.

107367548 the occurrence of breaking; "the break in the dam threatened the valley".

107367812 some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity; "the telephone is an annoying interruption"; "there was a break in the action when a player was hurt".

100376400 the act of breaking something; "the breakage was unavoidable".

107316856 an unexpected piece of good luck; "he finally got his big break".

107313814 a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions); "they hoped to avoid a break in relations".

101062997 a pause from doing something (as work); "we took a 10-minute break"; "he took time out to recuperate".

100482892 (tennis) a score consisting of winning a game when your opponent was serving; "he was up two breaks in the second set".

107297633 an abrupt change in the tone or register of the voice (as at puberty or due to emotion); "then there was a break in her voice".

114292090 breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall".

100188007 any frame in which a bowler fails to make a strike or spare; "the break in the eighth frame cost him the match".

100059989 an escape from jail; "the breakout was carefully planned".

100500280 the opening shot that scatters the balls in billiards or pool.

100294748 a sudden dash; "he made a break for the open door".

100383952 an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity; "it was presented without commercial breaks"; "there was a gap in his account".

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