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Verb Synset: 200640828

Words: add, add_together

Gloss: make an addition by combining numbers; "Add 27 and 49, please!"

verb group 200949288 - add, add_together, add_up, sum, sum_up, summate, tally, tot, tot_up, total, tote_up
hypernym 200637259 - calculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, work_out
domain topic 106004067 - arithmetic
derivationally related 300048129 - additive
derivationally related 300048706 - addable, addible
derivationally related 100872107 - addition, plus, summation
derivationally related 102679142 - adder
antonym 200641252 - deduct, subtract, take_off
also see 202645007 - add_up, amount, come, number, total
hyponym 200641138 - foot, foot_up

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