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Noun Synset: 110394786

Words: fossilist, palaeontologist, paleontologist

Gloss: a specialist in paleontology

hypernym 110560637 - scientist
derivationally related 109284589 - fossil
derivationally related 106073888 - fossilology, palaeontology, paleontology
derivationally related 106073888 - fossilology, palaeontology, paleontology
instance hyponym 111009495 - Gould, Stephen_Jay_Gould
instance hyponym 111121640 - Leakey, Louis_Leakey, Louis_Seymour_Bazett_Leakey
instance hyponym 111121876 - Leakey, Mary_Douglas_Leakey, Mary_Leakey
instance hyponym 111122114 - Leakey, Richard_Erskine_Leakey, Richard_Leakey
instance hyponym 111218938 - Owen, Sir_Richard_Owen
instance hyponym 111334609 - Pierre_Teilhard_de_Chardin, Teilhard_de_Chardin

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