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Collections tienen members como Classes, pero a diferencia de Classes, tienen lugar en espacio-tiempo y se pueden añadir y eliminar members sin cambiar la identidad de la Collection, por ejemplo, juegos de herramientas, equipos de futbol, y rebaños de ovejas.
Parents Object Corresponds roughly to the class of ordinary objects. Examples include normal physical objects, geographical regions, and locations of Processes, the complement of Objects in the Physical class. In a 4D ontology, an Object is something whose spatiotemporal extent is thought of as dividing into spatial parts roughly parallel to the time-axis.
Children ArchipelagoAn Archipelago is a group of islands.
 BuffetBuffet refers to a Collection of food that is served in a central location where guests can get their own servings
 ClothingSuitA Collection of instances of Clothing that are designed to be worn together.
 CommunicationSystemCommunicationSystem is a complex system with various components, enabling communication (in some medium) between points in a specific area, whether local or worldwide.
 ComputerSystemA Collection of Computers connected by a ComputerNetwork and possibly containing various ComputerIODevices. This includes distributed WebSites, cloud servers and server farms.
 ConvoyA group of vehicles that all are being driven in formation (e.g., lines, rows, columns) to the same destination. That destination may be an intermediate destination on the way to a final destination for some of the vehicles however. This is distinguished from vehicles that have no common purpose, such as traffic on a freeway. This includes cases where some of the agents driving the vehicles intend to reach a point but fail to do so.
 DiscographyA Discography is the collection of all released MusicRecording of a Musician. This is different from something like a sessionography, which is a collection of all recording sessions, whether they have been released for sale or not.
 FireSprinklerSystemFireSprinklerSystem is a Collection of Devices that allow water to be released when a Fire is detected
 FleetA Collection of Vehicle
 GolgiApparatusThe stack of flattened vesicles that functions in the posttranslational processing and sorting of proteins.
 GroupA Collection of Agents, e.g. a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, or the local Boy Scout troop.
 HotelMiniBarHotelMiniBar is a Collection of (FoodForFn Human) that is available for a certain price
 IndustryThe class of Collections of Corporations which are in the same line of business.
 InlandWaterSystemAn instance of InlandWaterSystem comprises two or more lakes or rivers, canals, or other waterways that are interconnected.
 MealMeal refers to a Collection of (%&FoodForFn Human) that is eaten at one time
 MediaSystemMediaSystem is a Collection of components that enable the RadiatingSound of AudioRecording and RadiatingLight of VideoRecording
 MerchantMarineMerchantMarine is a class of Collections of Ships, each collection belonging to a particular Nation or GeopoliticalArea, in whose ShipRegister the member ships are enrolled. For example, the merchant marine of France.
 MultivariateTestA multivariate is test where multiple componenets are tested simultaneously. Here it is represented as a Collection of discrete instances of Experimenting, where the experimentalVariableProcesses in the tests are not equal, but there exists a Process of which they are both subProcesses.
 OutfitOutfit describes the set of clothes worn by a person
 RemoteKeylessSystemA SecurityDevice that consists of two parts a Key and a matching Lock. The Key is also a RemoteControl that controls the &Ľock.
 RiverSystemA RiverSystem comprises all the tributary streams and rivers (StreamWaterAreas) that drain along converging paths into the main river of the system, which discharges into a StaticWaterArea.
 RoomInventoryRoomInventory is the Collection of HotelUnit that a TravelerAccommodation has in one PropertyFn
 ScriptThe collection of Characters in a particular written language. Every WrittenCommunication consists of Characters written in a particular script. Scripts include different typefaces, as well as entirely different characters. 'Times Roman' is a very specific script. While the 'latin' character set is a general one, that has specific subclasses like Times Roman. Other scripts include Devanagri (which may be expressed in many different more specific typefaces), or Simplified Chinese.
 SolarSystemSolarSystem is the class of systems that consist of a star or stars and any encircling astronomical bodies.
 SurveillanceSystemSurveillanceSystem is a Collection of devices that work together to provide security by recording sound or video in a certain location and showing it instantly to people, presumably a SecurityUnit
 TrainTrain is the subclass of TransportationDevice whose instances are linked sequences of RollingStock.
 VisitorProfileA type of Collection of Formulas which are known by someone who possesses a WebSite. All the members of this collection refer to a common AutonomousAgent, and visitorParameters of a common WebSite
 WebListingCategorya collection of WebListings where all the items being advertised in those listings are of the same class.
 WebStoreA Collection of WebPages that is a component of a WebSite, that hasPurpose of being where Selling occurs.

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