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record Racing
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Quitting (Quitting) quarter (quarter)
RCCircuit (RC circuit) rMProgramOf (rM program-of)
RLCCircuit (RLC circuit) radius (radius)
RLCircuit (RL circuit) radiusOfMaximumWind (radius of maximum wind)
RM-StartApplication (RM- start application) rainfallIntensity (rainfall intensity)
RNAMolecule (RNA molecule) rainySeasonInArea (rainy season in area)
RNAProcessingEnzyme (RNA processing enzyme) range (range)
RNAVirus (RNA virus) rangeSubclass (range subclass)
RPG (handheld anti-tank grenade launcher) rateDetail (rate detail)
RVRecreationalVehicleParksAndCampgrounds (RV recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds) ratingsAgent (ratingsAgent)
RVRecreationalVehicleParksAndRecreationalCamps (RV recreational vehicle parks and recreational camps) reactant (reactant)
Rabbi (rabbi) reagent (reagent)
Rabbit (rabbit) realGrowthRateOfGDP (real growth rate of GDP)
Racetracks (racetracks) realGrowthRateOfGDPInPeriod (real growth rate of GDP in period)
RacialEthnicGroup (racial ethnic group) realization (realization)
Record racing
Racing (racing) record (record)
RacingCarDriver (RacingCarDriver) recordForAgreement (recordForAgreement)
Racquetball (racquetball) recordForAgremeent (record for agreement)
RacquetballCourt (racquetball court) recordingCompany (recording company)
Rad (rad) recordingLength (recording length)
RadaAmanYemen (rada aman yemen) recoveryKey (recoveryKey)
Radar (radar) referee (referee)
RadarReconnaissance (radar reconnaissance) referenceTitle (referenceTitle)
Radian (radian) refers (refers)
Radiating (radiating) reflexiveOn (reflexive on)
RadiatingElectromagnetic (radiating electromagnetic) regionalIssue (regional issue)
RadiatingInfrared (radiating infrared) registeredItem (registered item)
RadiatingLight (radiating light) registeredUser (registered user)
RadiatingNuclear (radiating nuclear) relatedEvent (related event)
RadiatingSound (radiating sound) relatedExternalConcept (related external concept)
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