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Sigma KEE - material

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation material ChineseLanguage "(material ?SUBSTANCE ?OBJECT) 的意思是 ?OBJECT 是由 ?SUBSTANCE 作为部件所构成的。 这个关系包括 「组成」、「做成」和「形成」等概念。例子有 塑料是我电算计屏幕的一种 material。可参考比较 part 和它的子关系,即 componentpiece。") chinese_format.kif 1581-1583
(documentation material EnglishLanguage "(material ?SUBSTANCE ?OBJECT) means that ?OBJECT is structurally made up in part of ?SUBSTANCE. This relation encompasses the concepts of 'composed of', 'made of', and 'formed of'. For example, plastic is a material of my computer monitor. Compare part and its subrelations, viz component and piece.") Merge.kif 981-985
(documentation material JapaneseLanguage "(material ?SUBSTANCE ?OBJECT) とは、?OBJECTが、 ?SUBSTANCEの一部で構造的に構成されている、という意味である。 この関係は、「構成」、「作られた」、 「形成された」の概念を網羅している。 例えば、プラスチックは私のコンピューターモニターの material である。 part とそのサブリレーション、すなわち componentpiece を比較する。") japanese_format.kif 157-160
(documentation material SpanishLanguage "(material ?SUBSTANCE ?OBJECT) quiere decir que ?OBJECT es formado estructuralmente en parte de ?SUBSTANCE. Esta relación abarca los conceptos de «compuesto por», «hecho por» y «formado por». Por ejemplo, plástico es una material de la pantalla de la computadora. Compare parte y sus subrelaciones viz. component y piece.") spanish_format.kif 184-188
(domain material 2 CorpuscularObject) Merge.kif 979-979
(domainSubclass material 1 Substance) Merge.kif 978-978
(instance material BinaryPredicate) Merge.kif 977-977

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage material "%1 %n 是 %2 的材料") chinese_format.kif 151-151
(format EnglishLanguage material "%2 is %n made of %1") english_format.kif 152-152
(format FrenchLanguage material "%1 est %n fait de %2") french_format.kif 96-96
(format ItalianLanguage material "%1 è%n fatto di %2") relations-it.txt 174-174
(format JapaneseLanguage material "%1 は %2 で made %n") japanese_format.kif 1924-1924
(format PortugueseLanguage material "%1 e' %n feito de %2") portuguese_format.kif 48-48
(format cz material "%1 %p{je} %n{nen�} z %2") relations-cz.txt 68-68
(format de material "%1 ist von %2 %n{nicht} gebildet") relations-de.txt 182-182
(format hi material "%1 %2 se %n banaa hai") relations-hindi.txt 212-212
(format ro material "%1 %n{nu} este made%t{fãcut} din %2") relations-ro.kif 115-115
(format sv material "%1 är %n{inte} gjord av %2") relations-sv.txt 95-95
(format tg material "%1 %n ay mayari ng %2") relations-tg.txt 345-345
(subrelation ingredient material) Merge.kif 1208-1208
(termFormat ChineseLanguage material "材料") chinese_format.kif 152-152
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage material "材料") domainEnglishFormat.kif 36454-36454
(termFormat EnglishLanguage material "material") domainEnglishFormat.kif 36453-36453
(termFormat de material "material") terms-de.txt 56-56
(termFormat tg material "kasangkapan") relations-tg.txt 346-346


        (instance ?E Exhaust)
        (material Fuel ?E)
        (instance ?T Transfer)
        (instance ?ENG Engine)
        (origin ?T ?ENG)
        (instance ?CC CatalyticConverter)
        (destination ?T ?CC)
        (objectTransferred ?T ?E))
    (hasPurpose ?CC
        (exists (?C)
                (instance ?C Combustion)
                (instrument ?C ?CC)
                (patient ?C ?E)
                (eventLocated ?C ?CC)))))
Cars.kif 1717-1733
        (instance ?SKI SnowSki)
        (material ?MAT ?SKI))
        (subclass ?MAT Metal)
        (subclass ?MAT Wood)
        (subclass ?MAT Plastic)))
Sports.kif 1040-1047


        (instance ?ORG Organization)
        (attribute ?ORG PaperManufacturing))
    (exists (?MEM ?EV ?THING)
            (instance ?MEM Industry)
            (member ?MEM ?ORG)
            (instance ?EV Manufacture)
            (agent ?EV ?MEM)
            (patient ?EV ?THING)
            (material Paper ?THING))))
naics.kif 2717-2728
        (instance ?ORG Organization)
        (attribute ?ORG WoodProductManufacturing))
    (exists (?EV ?MEM)
            (member ?MEM ?ORG)
            (agent ?MEM ?EV)
            (exists (?THING ?MEM2 ?EV2)
                    (instance ?EV Manufacture)
                        (instance ?THING Wood)
                        (material Wood ?THING))
                    (patient ?EV ?THING)
                    (member ?MEM2 ?ORG)
                    (instance ?EV2 Selling)
                    (agent ?EV2 ?MEM2)
                    (patient ?EV2 ?THING))))))
naics.kif 2563-2581
    (instance ?ADAPT OutletAdapter)
    (exists (?HOLE)
            (instance ?HOLE Collection)
            (memberType ?HOLE HoleRegion)
            (part ?HOLE ?ADAPT)
            (material Metal ?ADAPT))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25968-25975
    (instance ?B Basket)
    (material Wicker ?B))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 4500-4502
    (instance ?B Bone)
    (material BoneTissue ?B))
Merge.kif 15203-15205
    (instance ?B Brick)
    (material Clay ?B))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 4753-4755
    (instance ?BB BallBearing)
    (material Metal ?BB))
Cars.kif 1409-1411
    (instance ?BERG Iceberg)
    (exists (?SHEET)
            (subclass ?SHEET Glacier)
                    (WhenFn ?BERG))
                (material ?SHEET ?BERG)))))
Geography.kif 4732-4740
    (instance ?C Cappuccino)
        (material MilkFoam ?C)
        (material Espresso ?C)))
Food.kif 1279-1283
    (instance ?C Carabiner)
    (material Metal ?C))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 30794-30796
    (instance ?C Coffee)
    (material DrinkingWater ?C))
Food.kif 641-643
    (instance ?C ElectricalConductor)
    (exists (?S)
            (subclass ?S ConductorSubstance)
            (material ?S ?C))))
engineering.kif 826-831
    (instance ?C HolidayCard)
    (material Paper ?C))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 14871-14873
    (instance ?C PlayingCard)
    (material Paper ?C))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 17129-17131
    (instance ?CANDLE Candle)
    (material Wax ?CANDLE))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 3026-3028
    (instance ?CF CharcoalFilter)
    (exists (?C)
            (subclass ?C Charcoal)
            (material ?C ?CF))))
Cars.kif 1688-1693
    (instance ?CL ChainLink)
    (material Metal ?CL))
Cars.kif 4429-4431
    (instance ?COIN CurrencyCoin)
    (exists (?METAL)
            (subclass ?METAL Metal)
            (material ?METAL ?COIN))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 3600-3605
    (instance ?D Dune)
    (material ?D Sand))
Geography.kif 4397-4399
    (instance ?F CottonFabric)
    (material Cotton ?F))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 5462-5464
    (instance ?F FlatWhite)
        (material MilkFoam ?F)
        (material Espresso ?F)))
Food.kif 1343-1347
    (instance ?G Gland)
    (material EpithelialTissue ?G))
Merge.kif 15219-15221
    (instance ?I ResistorElement)
    (exists (?S)
            (subclass ?S InsulatorSubstance)
            (material ?S ?I))))
engineering.kif 855-860
    (instance ?IRON FabricIron)
    (exists (?BASE)
            (bottom ?BASE ?IRON)
            (material Metal ?BASE)
            (attribute ?BASE Flat))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25189-25195
    (instance ?L Latte)
        (material MilkFoam ?L)
        (material Espresso ?L)))
Food.kif 1393-1397

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