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Sigma KEE - IrreflexiveRelation

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation IrreflexiveRelation ChineseLanguage "Relation ?REL 属于非自反关系当且仅当没有 一个?INST 是(?REL ?INST ?INST)。") chinese_format.kif 1835-1836
(documentation IrreflexiveRelation EnglishLanguage "Relation ?REL is irreflexive iff (?REL ?INST ?INST) holds for no value of ?INST.") Merge.kif 2191-2192
(externalImage IrreflexiveRelation " en/ 0/ 0b/ GreaterThanOrEqualTo.png") pictureList.kif 8552-8552
(externalImage IrreflexiveRelation " en/ 5/ 59/ GreaterThan.png") pictureList.kif 9358-9358
(subclass IrreflexiveRelation BinaryRelation) Merge.kif 2189-2189

appearance as argument number 2

(instance ancestor IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 16065-16065
(instance ancestorOrganization IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 23581-23581
(instance antagonistMuscles IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 10168-10168
(instance attribute IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 1656-1656
(instance before IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 8001-8001
(instance brother IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 16218-16218
(instance classmate IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 16229-16229
(instance colleague IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 16250-16250
(instance conjugate IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6160-6160
(instance connectedEngineeringComponents IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 15811-15811
(instance customer IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 7385-7385
(instance decreasesLikelihood IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 2555-2555
(instance diplomaticRelations IrreflexiveRelation) Government.kif 4524-4524
(instance disjointRelation IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 408-408
(instance during IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 8209-8209
(instance earlier IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 8271-8271
(instance exportPartner IrreflexiveRelation) Economy.kif 2381-2381
(instance finishes IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 7971-7971
(instance graphPart IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 5785-5785
(instance greaterThan IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 1785-1785
(instance hinders IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 4299-4299
(instance hindersSubclass IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 4217-4217
(instance hostileForces IrreflexiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8025-8025
(instance husband IrreflexiveRelation) Merge.kif 16288-16288
(instance importPartner IrreflexiveRelation) Economy.kif 2668-2668

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        (instance ?REL AntisymmetricRelation)
        (instance ?REL IrreflexiveRelation))
    (instance ?REL AsymmetricRelation))
Merge.kif 2226-2230
    (instance ?REL IrreflexiveRelation)
    (forall (?INST)
            (?REL ?INST ?INST))))
Merge.kif 2194-2198


    (instance ?REL AsymmetricRelation)
        (instance ?REL AntisymmetricRelation)
        (instance ?REL IrreflexiveRelation)))
Merge.kif 2220-2224

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