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Sigma KEE - AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals EnglishLanguage "An appraisal which represents a judgement about whether an event is consistent with the person's standards or ideals.") emotion.kif 457-459
(documentation AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals EnglishLanguage "Can also be defined FOR SELF and FOR OTHER, where a special case of OTHER is 'society' (=> a judgement that an event violated laws or socially accepted norms) May want to distinguish violation of 'standards' from that of 'ideals', 'norms' and 'laws'. At the moment they are all lumped together.") emotion.kif 451-456
(exhaustiveAttribute AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals AppraisalAsCongruentWithIdeals AppraisalAsNotCongruentWithIdeals) emotion.kif 461-462
(subclass AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals Appraisal) emotion.kif 460-460

appearance as argument number 2

(instance AppraisalAsCongruentWithIdeals AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals) emotion.kif 464-464
(instance AppraisalAsNotCongruentWithIdeals AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals) emotion.kif 473-473
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals "appraisal of congruence with ideals") emotion.kif 449-450

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