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Sigma KEE - Region
A topographic location. Regions encompass surfaces of Objects, imaginary places, and GeographicAreas. Note that a Region is the only kind of Object which can be located at itself. Note too that Region is not a subclass of SelfConnectedObject, because some Regions, e.g. archipelagos, have parts which are not connected with one another.
Parents Objeto Corresponds roughly to the class of ordinary objects. Examples include normal physical objects, geographical regions, and locations of Processes, the complement of Objects in the Physical class. In a 4D ontology, an Object is something whose spatiotemporal extent is thought of as dividing into spatial parts roughly parallel to the time-axis.
Children AtmosphereAtmosphere is a Mixture of gases surrounding any celestial object that has a gravitational field strong enough to prevent the gases from escaping.
 DiningAreaa DiningArea refers to a Region, either Outdoors or Indoors, that is intended for Eating
 FlowRegionFlowRegion is a class of things whose boundaries are relatively stable but whose constitutive material is continuously moving through the region itself and being replaced by other, similar material. Each FlowRegion is constituted by a stream of matter moving as a whole. A FlowRegion may be liquid or gaseous. A wind may be considered as a Process or as a FlowRegion, similarly an OceanCurrent or a WaterWave. The motion process associated with a FlowRegion F is denoted by (FlowFn F). Note that certain properties belong to the FlowRegion itself (e.g., mass, length, volume, temperature, and speed or velocity of the region moving as a whole), while other properties of interest belong to the Motion of its constitutive stuff (e.g., velocity, direction). The motion of a FlowRegion as a whole (e.g., JetStream moves within the atmosphere) is distinguished from the motion of the pieces of stuff constituting the FlowRegion. See FlowFn and FlowRegionFn.
 Area GeograficaA geographic location, generally having definite boundaries. Note that this differs from its immediate superclass Region in that a GeographicArea is a three-dimensional Region of the earth. Accordingly, all astronomical objects other than earth and all one-dimensional and two-dimensional Regions are not classed under GeographicArea.
 BuracoA hole is an immaterial body located at the surface of an Object. Since every HoleRegion is ontologically dependent on its host (i.e., the object in which it is a hole), being a HoleRegion is defined as being a hole in something. Note that two HoleRegions may occupy the same region, or part of the same region, without sharing any parts. Any two hosts of a hole have a common proper part that entirely hosts the hole. A common host of two holes hosts all parts of the sum of those holes. Any object that includes the host of a hole is a host of that hole, unless its parts also include parts of that very hole. Overlapping holes have overlapping hosts. No hole is atomic. HoleRegions are connected with their hosts. No hole can have a proper part that is externally connected with exactly the same things as the hole itself.
 HydrophilicSideThe class of hydrophilic sides of lipid bilayers.
 HydrophobicSideThe class of hydrophobic sides of lipid bilayers.
 IndoorsAny Region which is enclosed by a Building.
 KitchenAreaa KitchenArea refers to a Region, either Outdoors or Indoors, that is intended for Cooking
 LatitudeLatitude is the class of Regions, associated with areas on the Earth's surface, which are parallels measured in PlaneAngleDegrees from the Equator.
 LongitudeLongitude is the class of Regions, associated with areas on the Earth's surface, which are meridians measured in PlaneAngleDegrees from the PrimeMeridian through GreenwichEnglandUK.
 OutdoorsAny Region which is not enclosed by a Building or part of a Building.
 ParkingRegionA ParkingRegion is a Region where TransportationDevice is kept temporarily
 PatioPatio refers to an Region adjoining a building, usually Paved, that is used for outdoor activities
 PerimeterAreaA PerimeterArea is a region that extends outward from a boundary with another region, surrounding or partially surrounding it, but which is not part of that other region. See BorderFn and PerimeterAreaFn.
 PlayAreaPlayArea refers to a Region where children engage in recreational activities
 RealEstateLand, including all the natural resources and permanent buildings on it.
 RoadA path along which vehicles travel. It is typically, although not necessarily, paved and intended for cars.
 SittingAreaSittingArea refers to a Region, either Indoor (like a Living Room) or Outdoor (like a Garden sitting area) where people normally sit and entertain guests
 SpaceRegionThe class of all Regions which are not GeographicAreas.
 TransitRouteTransitRoute is the class of Regions that are paths for Motion from one place to another.
 TransitStopTransitStop is the subclass of places where a vehicle of a scheduled or common carrier makes a stop to discharge or take on passengers or goods.
 TransitwayTransitway is the broadest class of regions which may be passed through as a path in instances of Translocation. Transitway includes land, air, and sea regions, and it includes both natural and artificial transitways.
 UnderwaterRegionA Region that is under the surface of some Water.

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