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YucatecMayaSignLanguage (yucatec maya sign language) weddingdate (weddingdate)
YuchiLanguage (yuchi language) weight (weight)
YughLanguage (yugh language) whenFn (whenFn)
Yugoslavia (yugoslavia) width (width)
YugoslavianDinar (yugoslavian dinar) widthLimit (width limit)
YugoslavianSignLanguage (yugoslavian sign language) wife (wife)
YugurLanguage (yugur language) windDrivenMotion (wind driven motion)
YuhupLanguage (yuhup language) windRelativePosition (wind relative position)
YukaghirLanguage (yukaghir language) witness (witness)
YukiGroupLanguage (yuki group language) workAddress (work address)
YukiLanguage (yuki language) workLocation (work location)
YuksekovaTurkey (yuksekova turkey) workPhoneNumber (work phone number)
YuracareLanguage (yuracare language) yearBuilt (year built)
YuwanaLanguage (yuwana language) yearOfFounding (year of founding)
Yvonne (Yvonne) yield (yield)
Z* z*
ZaireseZaire (Zairese zaire) yieldLevel (yield level)
ZaitaIsrael (zaita israel) ()
Zakat (zakat) ()
ZamarYemen (zamar yemen) ()
Zambia (zambia) ()
ZambianKwacha (zambian kwacha) ()
ZambianSignLanguage (zambian sign language) ()
ZamboangaPhilippines (zamboanga philippines) ()
ZamucoanLanguage (zamucoan language) ()
ZanLanguage (zan language) ()
ZanggerCommittee (zangger committee) ()
ZaparoLanguage (zaparo language) ()
ZaparoanLanguage (zaparoan language) ()
ZaragozaSpain (zaragoza spain) ()
ZarauzSpain (zarauz spain) ()
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