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Ovrigt (ovrigt) organizationalObjective (organizational objective)
Ovum (ovum) orientation (orientation)
OwinigaLanguage (owiniga language) origin (origin)
Owl (owl) originalBalance (original balance)
Oxidation (oxidating) originalExpressedInLanguage (original expressed in language)
Oxygen (oxygen) originalTitle (original title)
OxygenSensor (oxygen sensor) orthogonalTests (managed orthogonal)
OxygenatedBlood (oxygenated blood) otherLandUseArea (other land use area)
Oyster (oyster) outOfTheMoney (out of the money)
OysterMeat (oyster) overcastDaysInPeriod (overcast days in period)
OzamisPhilippines (ozamis philippines) overdraft (overdraft)
OzoneDepletionIssue (ozone depletion issue) overlapsPartially (overlap partially)
OzoneLayerProtectionProtocol (ozone layer protection protocol) overlapsSpatially (overlap spatially)
OzoneShield (ozone shield) overlapsTemporally (overlap temporally)
OzumatlanTotonacaLanguage (ozumatlan totonaca language) oxygenSaturation (oxygen saturation)
P* p*
PCCCar (PCC car) pValue (confidence interval)
PDFFile (PDF file) paidFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
PHValue (PH value) paidPropertyAmenity (paid property amenity)
PPIFn (qualifying purchases per user per interval) paidRoomAmenity (paid room amenity)
PPPBasedEconomicValuation (PPP based economic valuation) parallel (parallel)
PPSFn (qualifying purchases per user) parasite (parasite)
PacificCommunity (pacific community) parasitic (parasitic)
PacificEnglishBasedCreoleLanguage (pacific english based creole language) parent (parent)
PacificEnglishBasedPidginLanguage (pacific english based pidgin language) part (part)
PacificIslandForum (pacific island forum) partType (partType)
PacificOcean (pacific ocean) partTypes (part types)
PacificRimCuisine (Pacific Rim Cuisine) partialOrderingOn (partial ordering on)
PacificTimeZone (pacific time zone) partiallyFills (partially fills)
PackagedFrozenFoodWholesalers (packaged frozen food wholesalers) partition (partition)
PackagingAndLabelingServices (packaging and labeling services) partlyLocated (partly located)
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