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Sigma KEE - parasitic

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation parasitic EnglishLanguage "A BinaryPredicate that is the counterpart to parasite, but for classes rather than instances.") WMD.kif 2004-2005
(domainSubclass parasitic 1 Organism) WMD.kif 2001-2001 parasitic の数値 1 引数は subclass では %n
(domainSubclass parasitic 2 Organism) WMD.kif 2002-2002 parasitic の数値 2 引数は subclass では %n
(instance parasitic BinaryPredicate) WMD.kif 2000-2000 parasitic2進述語instance では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(relatedInternalConcept parasite parasitic) WMD.kif 2003-2003 parasiteparasiticinternally 関連して %n
(termFormat EnglishLanguage parasitic "parasitic") domainEnglishFormat.kif 65892-65892


    (parasitic ?O1 ?O2)
    (exists (?I1 ?I2)
                (instance ?I1 ?O1)
                (instance ?I2 ?O2)
                (parasite ?I1 ?I2)) Possibility)))
WMD.kif 2007-2015

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