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Sigma KEE - disjoint

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation disjoint ChineseLanguage "如果 ClassClass 之间没有共同案例的话, 那么它们 就是 disjoint,也就是以防万一应用 IntersectionFn 的时候出现空的的结果。") chinese_format.kif 1500-1501
(documentation disjoint EnglishLanguage "Classes are disjoint only if they share no instances, i.e. just in case the result of applying IntersectionFn to them is empty.") Merge.kif 397-399
(documentation disjoint JapaneseLanguage "Classes は、 インスタンスを共有しない場合のみ disjoint である。例えば、 IntersectionFn をそれらに適用した結果空の場合に備えて。") japanese_format.kif 63-64
(documentation disjoint SpanishLanguage "Classes son disjoint sólo si no comparten instancias, por ejemplo, en el caso de aplicar IntersectionFn resulta que están vacías.") spanish_format.kif 72-74
(domain disjoint 1 Class) Merge.kif 395-395 disjoint の数値 1 引数は クラスinstance では %n
(domain disjoint 2 Class) Merge.kif 396-396 disjoint の数値 2 引数は クラスinstance では %n
(instance disjoint BinaryPredicate) Merge.kif 393-393 disjoint2進述語instance では %n
(instance disjoint SymmetricRelation) Merge.kif 394-394 disjoint対称関係 instance では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage disjoint "%1 和 % 2 %n 是 disjoint") chinese_format.kif 285-285
(format EnglishLanguage disjoint "%1 is %n disjoint from %2") english_format.kif 290-290
(format FrenchLanguage disjoint "%1 est %n disjoint de %2") french_format.kif 165-165
(format ItalianLanguage disjoint "%1 è %n disgiunto da %2") relations-it.txt 75-75
(format JapaneseLanguage disjoint "%1 と %2 は disjoint では %n") japanese_format.kif 1985-1985
(format PortugueseLanguage disjoint "%1 e' %n disjunto de %2") portuguese_format.kif 117-117
(format cb disjoint "%1 %n ay lahi sa %2") relations-cb.txt 109-109
(format cz disjoint "%1 %p{je} %n{nen�} disjoint from %2") relations-cz.txt 182-182
(format de disjoint "%1 ist dijunkt von %2 %n{nicht}") relations-de.txt 370-370
(format hi disjoint "%1 %2 se asanyukta %n hai") relations-hindi.txt 59-59
(format ro disjoint "%1 %n{nu} este disjoint%t{disjunct} faþã de %2") relations-ro.kif 185-185
(format sv disjoint "%1 är %n{inte} disjunkt med %2") relations-sv.txt 172-172
(format tg disjoint "%1 %n ay iba ng %2") relations-tg.txt 166-166
(relatedInternalConcept disjointDecomposition disjoint) Merge.kif 569-569 disjointDecompositiondisjointinternally 関連して %n
(relatedInternalConcept disjointRelation disjoint) Merge.kif 414-414 disjointRelationdisjointinternally 関連して %n
(termFormat ChineseLanguage disjoint "不相交") chinese_format.kif 286-286
(termFormat ChineseLanguage disjoint "不相交的") domainEnglishFormat.kif 19848-19848
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage disjoint "不相交的") domainEnglishFormat.kif 19847-19847
(termFormat EnglishLanguage disjoint "disjoint") domainEnglishFormat.kif 19846-19846
(termFormat de disjoint "disjunkt") terms-de.txt 115-115
(termFormat tg disjoint "iba") relations-tg.txt 167-167


        (domain ?REL1 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1)
        (domain ?REL2 ?NUMBER ?CLASS2)
        (disjoint ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2))
    (disjointRelation ?REL1 ?REL2))
Merge.kif 419-424
        (domainSubclass ?REL1 ?NUMBER ?CLASS1)
        (domainSubclass ?REL2 ?NUMBER ?CLASS2)
        (disjoint ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2))
    (disjointRelation ?REL1 ?REL2))
Merge.kif 426-431
        (range ?REL1 ?CLASS1)
        (range ?REL2 ?CLASS2)
        (disjoint ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2))
    (disjointRelation ?REL1 ?REL2))
Merge.kif 433-438
        (rangeSubclass ?REL1 ?CLASS1)
        (rangeSubclass ?REL2 ?CLASS2)
        (disjoint ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2))
    (disjointRelation ?REL1 ?REL2))
Merge.kif 440-445
    (disjoint ?CLASS1 ?CLASS2)
        (exists (?INST)
                (instance ?INST ?CLASS1)
                (instance ?INST ?CLASS2)))))
Merge.kif 401-407


    (disjointDecomposition ?CLASS ?ROW1 ?ROW2 ?ROW3)
        (disjoint ?ROW1 ?ROW2)
        (disjoint ?ROW2 ?ROW3)
        (disjoint ?ROW3 ?ROW1)))
Merge.kif 2968-2973
    (disjointDecomposition ?CLASS @ROW)
    (forall (?ITEM1 ?ITEM2)
                (inList ?ITEM1
                    (ListFn @ROW))
                (inList ?ITEM2
                    (ListFn @ROW))
                    (equal ?ITEM1 ?ITEM2)))
            (disjoint ?ITEM1 ?ITEM2))))
Merge.kif 2957-2966

appearance as argument number 0

(disjoint AboveTheLine BelowTheLine) MilitaryProcesses.kif 974-974 AboveTheLineBelowTheLinedisjoint では %n
(disjoint Afternoon Evening) Merge.kif 8792-8792 AfternoonEveningdisjoint では %n
(disjoint AltKey ControlKey) ComputerInput.kif 360-360 AltKeyControlKeydisjoint では %n
(disjoint AltKey FunctionKey) ComputerInput.kif 362-362 AltKeyFunctionKeydisjoint では %n
(disjoint AltKey ShiftKey) ComputerInput.kif 361-361 AltKeyShiftKeydisjoint では %n
(disjoint AltKeyHoldDown ControlKeyHoldDown) ComputerInput.kif 1313-1313 AltKeyHoldDownControlKeyHoldDowndisjoint では %n
(disjoint AltKeyHoldDown ShiftKeyHoldDown) ComputerInput.kif 1312-1312 AltKeyHoldDownShiftKeyHoldDowndisjoint では %n
(disjoint AnaerobicExerciseDevice AerobicExerciseDevice) Mid-level-ontology.kif 8205-8205 AnaerobicExerciseDeviceAerobicExerciseDevicedisjoint では %n
(disjoint AnteMeridiem PostMeridiem) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19053-19053 AnteMeridiemPostMeridiemdisjoint では %n
(disjoint ApartmentBuilding SingleFamilyResidence) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6909-6909 ApartmentBuildingSingleFamilyResidencedisjoint では %n
(disjoint ArrowKey EnterKey) ComputerInput.kif 295-295 ArrowKeyEnterKeydisjoint では %n
(disjoint Article Book) Mid-level-ontology.kif 14649-14649 記事disjoint では %n
(disjoint ArtilleryCannon MilitaryTank) MilitaryDevices.kif 172-172 ArtilleryCannonMilitaryTankdisjoint では %n
(disjoint Asphalt FossilFuel) Economy.kif 5778-5778 AsphaltFossilFueldisjoint では %n
(disjoint AstronomicalBody GeographicArea) Merge.kif 13993-13993 天体地理的地域disjoint では %n
(disjoint Attaching Detaching) Merge.kif 12318-12318 取付け取外しdisjoint では %n
(disjoint AudioInput JoystickMotion) ComputerInput.kif 1656-1656 AudioInputJoystickMotiondisjoint では %n
(disjoint AudioInput KeyboardAction) ComputerInput.kif 1657-1657 AudioInputKeyboardActiondisjoint では %n
(disjoint AudioInput TouchSurfaceAction) ComputerInput.kif 1655-1655 AudioInputTouchSurfaceActiondisjoint では %n
(disjoint AutonomicProcess IntentionalProcess) Merge.kif 10164-10164 AutonomicProcess意図的なプロセスdisjoint では %n
(disjoint Barn ResidentialBuilding) Mid-level-ontology.kif 15708-15708 BarnResidentialBuildingdisjoint では %n
(disjoint BaseballSteal BaseballHit) Sports.kif 740-740 BaseballStealBaseballHitdisjoint では %n
(disjoint BaseballSteal BaseballWalk) Sports.kif 739-739 BaseballStealBaseballWalkdisjoint では %n
(disjoint BaseballStrike BaseballHit) Sports.kif 748-748 BaseballStrikeBaseballHitdisjoint では %n
(disjoint BaseballWalk BaseballHit) Sports.kif 696-696 BaseballWalkBaseballHitdisjoint では %n

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