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Sigma KEE - PositiveInteger

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation PositiveInteger ChineseLanguage "这是一个大于零的 Integer。") chinese_format.kif 1754-1754
(documentation PositiveInteger EnglishLanguage "An Integer that is greater than zero.") Merge.kif 1937-1937
(subclass PositiveInteger NonnegativeInteger) Merge.kif 1934-1934 subclass PositiveInteger and NonnegativeInteger
(subclass PositiveInteger PositiveRealNumber) Merge.kif 1935-1935 subclass PositiveInteger and PositiveRealNumber

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage PositiveInteger "正整数") chinese_format.kif 872-872
(termFormat EnglishLanguage PositiveInteger "positive integer") english_format.kif 946-946

appearance as argument number 3

(domain DayFn 1 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 8490-8490 domain DayFn, 1 and PositiveInteger
(domain EditionFn 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 15227-15227 domain EditionFn, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain ListOrderFn 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 2906-2906 domain ListOrderFn, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain LogFn 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 4880-4880 domain LogFn, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain PeriodicalIssueFn 2 PositiveInteger) Mid-level-ontology.kif 14127-14127 domain PeriodicalIssueFn, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain QuarterFn 1 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 8870-8870 domain QuarterFn, 1 and PositiveInteger
(domain SecondFn 1 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 8568-8568 domain SecondFn, 1 and PositiveInteger
(domain SeriesVolumeFn 2 PositiveInteger) Mid-level-ontology.kif 14082-14082 domain SeriesVolumeFn, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain WeekFn 1 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 8852-8852 domain WeekFn, 1 and PositiveInteger
(domain agriculturalProductTypeByRank 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2254-2254 domain agriculturalProductTypeByRank, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain atomicNumber 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 13526-13526 domain atomicNumber, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain dataStreamSlack 2 PositiveInteger) QoSontology.kif 1214-1214 domain dataStreamSlack, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain domain 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 207-207 domain domain, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain domainSubclass 2 PositiveInteger) Merge.kif 229-229 domain domainSubclass, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain electronNumber 2 PositiveInteger) Mid-level-ontology.kif 21169-21169 domain electronNumber, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain exportCommodityTypeByRank 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2335-2335 domain exportCommodityTypeByRank, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain exportPartnerByRank 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2513-2513 domain exportPartnerByRank, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain exportPartnerByRankInPeriod 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2501-2501 domain exportPartnerByRankInPeriod, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain humanCapacity 2 PositiveInteger) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6360-6360 domain humanCapacity, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain importCommodityTypeByRank 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2630-2630 domain importCommodityTypeByRank, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain importPartnerByRank 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2706-2706 domain importPartnerByRank, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain importPartnerByRankInPeriod 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 2694-2694 domain importPartnerByRankInPeriod, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain industryRankByOutput 3 PositiveInteger) Economy.kif 1599-1599 domain industryRankByOutput, 3 and PositiveInteger
(domain maximumReplications 2 PositiveInteger) QoSontology.kif 740-740 domain maximumReplications, 2 and PositiveInteger
(domain minimumReplications 2 PositiveInteger) QoSontology.kif 719-719 domain minimumReplications, 2 and PositiveInteger

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        (equal ?LIST3
            (ListConcatenateFn ?LIST1 ?LIST2))
            (equal ?LIST1 NullList))
            (equal ?LIST2 NullList))
        (lessThanOrEqualTo ?NUMBER1
            (ListLengthFn ?LIST1))
        (lessThanOrEqualTo ?NUMBER2
            (ListLengthFn ?LIST2))
        (instance ?NUMBER1 PositiveInteger)
        (instance ?NUMBER2 PositiveInteger))
            (ListOrderFn ?LIST3 ?NUMBER1)
            (ListOrderFn ?LIST1 ?NUMBER1))
            (ListOrderFn ?LIST3
                    (ListLengthFn ?LIST1) ?NUMBER2))
            (ListOrderFn ?LIST2 ?NUMBER2))))
Merge.kif 3011-3030
        (viewedItemList ?USER ?LIST)
        (instance ?ACCESSING1 AccessingWebPage)
        (instance ?ACCESSING2 AccessingWebPage)
        (agent ?ACCESSING1 ?USER)
        (agent ?ACCESSING2 ?USER)
        (instance ?INDEX1 PositiveInteger)
        (instance ?INDEX2 PositiveInteger)
            (ListOrderFn ?LIST ?INDEX1) ?ACCESSING1)
            (ListOrderFn ?LIST ?INDEX2) ?ACCESSING2)
        (greaterThan ?INDEX1 ?INDEX2))
        (WhenFn ?ACCESSING2)
        (WhenFn ?ACCESSING1)))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 989-1007
    (instance ?X PositiveInteger)
    (greaterThan ?X 0))
Merge.kif 1939-1941

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