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Sigma KEE - FineParticulateMatter

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FineParticulateMatter EnglishLanguage "FineParticles are ParticulateMatter with an approximateDiameter less than 2.5 Micrometers.") Geography.kif 7171-7172
(subclass FineParticulateMatter ParticulateMatter) Geography.kif 7177-7177 subclass FineParticulateMatter and ParticulateMatter

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage FineParticulateMatter "细悬浮颗粒") Geography.kif 7183-7183
(termFormat EnglishLanguage FineParticulateMatter "PM2.5") Geography.kif 7181-7181
(termFormat EnglishLanguage FineParticulateMatter "fine particulate matter") Geography.kif 7179-7179

appearance as argument number 3

(partition ParticulateMatter CoarseParticulateMatter FineParticulateMatter) Geography.kif 7121-7121 partition ParticulateMatter, CoarseParticulateMatter and FineParticulateMatter


        (instance ?PM ParticulateMatter)
        (part ?P ?PM)
        (approximateDiameter ?P
            (MeasureFn ?S Micrometer))
        (greaterThanOrEqualTo ?S 2.5))
    (exists (?PM25)
            (instance ?PM25 FineParticulateMatter)
            (part ?PM25 ?PM))))
Geography.kif 7185-7195 instance Object and ParticulateMatter part SelfConnectedObject and Object approximateDiameter SelfConnectedObject and MeasureFn RealNumber and Micrometer greaterThanOrEqualTo RealNumber and 2.5 Object5 instance Object5 and FineParticulateMatter part Object5 and Object

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