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Sigma KEE - AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute ChineseLanguage "AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute 属于 PositionalAttribute 的类别,它只能在一个方向适用,即是 两个物件不能同时在彼此的 On 方。") chinese_format.kif 3814-3816
(documentation AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute EnglishLanguage "AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute is the class of PositionalAttribute that hold in only one direction. I.e. two objects cannot simulataneously be On each other.") Merge.kif 16780-16782
(subclass AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute PositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 16779-16779 subclass AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute and PositionalAttribute

appearance as argument number 2

(instance Above AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 16791-16791 instance Above and AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute
(instance Below AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 16804-16804 instance Below and AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute
(instance Left AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 16829-16829 instance Left and AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute
(instance On AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 16860-16860 instance On and AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute
(instance Right AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 16836-16836 instance Right and AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute

appearance as argument number 3

(domain BodySideFn 1 AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 14700-14700 domain BodySideFn, 1 and AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute


        (instance ?P AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute)
        (orientation ?O1 ?O2 ?P))
        (orientation ?O2 ?O1 ?P)))
Merge.kif 16784-16788

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