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Sigma KEE - AndeanCommunityOfNations

appearance as argument number 1

(dateEstablished AndeanCommunityOfNations
    (DayFn 26
        (MonthFn May
            (YearFn 1969))))
Government.kif 2776-2776 dateEstablished AndeanCommunityOfNations and DayFn 26 and MonthFn May and YearFn 1969
(externalImage AndeanCommunityOfNations " commons/ b/ b7/ CAN.png") pictureList.kif 8337-8337
(instance AndeanCommunityOfNations OrganizationOfNations) Government.kif 2762-2762 instance AndeanCommunityOfNations and OrganizationOfNations
(organizationalObjective AndeanCommunityOfNations EconomicIntegration) Government.kif 2777-2777 organizationalObjective AndeanCommunityOfNations and EconomicIntegration

appearance as argument number 2

(abbreviation "CAN" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2764-2764 abbreviation "CAN" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(conventionalLongName "Andean Community of Nations" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2763-2763 conventionalLongName "Andean Community of Nations" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(formerName "AG" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2766-2766 formerName "AG" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(formerName "Ancom" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2769-2769 formerName "Ancom" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(formerName "Andean Common Market" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2768-2768 formerName "Andean Common Market" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(formerName "Andean Parliament" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2767-2767 formerName "Andean Parliament" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(formerName "AndeanGroup" AndeanCommunityOfNations) Government.kif 2765-2765 formerName "AndeanGroup" and AndeanCommunityOfNations
(termFormat ChineseLanguage AndeanCommunityOfNations "安第斯国际社会") domainEnglishFormat.kif 7443-7443
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage AndeanCommunityOfNations "安第斯國際社會") domainEnglishFormat.kif 7442-7442
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AndeanCommunityOfNations "andean community of nations") domainEnglishFormat.kif 7441-7441


    (ImmediateFutureFn ?T)
        (instance ?T
            (DayFn 1
                (MonthFn October
                    (YearFn 1992))))
        (conventionalLongName "Andean Community of Nations" AndeanCommunityOfNations)))
Government.kif 2771-2774 holdsDuring ImmediateFutureFn TimePosition and instance TimePosition and DayFn 1 and MonthFn October and YearFn 1992 conventionalLongName "Andean Community of Nations" and AndeanCommunityOfNations

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