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Sigma KEE - Text

A LinguisticExpression or set of LinguisticExpressions that perform a specific function related to Communication, e.g. express a discourse about a particular topic, and that are inscribed in a CorpuscularObject by Humans.
Parents Artifact An Object that is the product of a Making.
  ContentBearingObject Any SelfConnectedObject that expresses content. This content may be a Proposition, e.g. when the ContentBearingObject is a Sentence or Text, or it may be a representation of an abstract or physical object, as with an Icon, a Word or a Phrase.
  LinguisticExpression This is the subclass of ContentBearingPhysical which are language-related. Note that this Class encompasses both Language and the the elements of Languages, e.g. Words.
Children ArticleA relatively short Text that either is unbound or is bound with other Articles in a Book.
 CalendarTextA representation of one or more Days in a tabular form. It generally has groupings by week, month or year.
 CertificateA Text that confers a right or obligation on the holder of the Certificate. Note that the right or obligation need not be a legal one, as in the case of an academic diploma that grants certain privileges in the professional world.
 ChairmanPublicationA publication by the Chairman of the JCS, subsuming instructions and manuals.
 ChristianGospelFour books in the New Testament of the ChristianBible that describe the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and that are referred to, respectively, as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
 DoctrineFundamental principles by which the military forces or elements thereof guide their actions in support of national objectives. It is authoritative but requires judgment in application.
 FactualTextThe class of Texts that purport to reveal facts about the world. Such texts are often known as information or as non-fiction. Note that something can be an instance of FactualText, even if it is wholly inaccurate. Whether something is a FactualText is determined by the beliefs of the agent creating the text.
 FictionalTextThe class of Texts that purport to be largely a product of the author's imagination, i.e. the author does not believe that most of the content conveyed by the text is an accurate depiction of the real world. Note that something can be an instance of FictionalText, even if it is completely true. Whether something is a FictionalText is determined by the beliefs of the agent creating the text.
 FormTextA page or set of pages containing spaces where information is to be entered by an AutonomousAgent.
 JointPublicationA publication containing joint doctrine that is prepared under the direction and authority of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and applies to all US military forces. Also called JP.
 LabelA very brief Text that is attached to an Object and that indicates very specific information about the Object, e.g. its name, its monetaryValue, etc.
 LiveTestUpdateA report of an eBay experiment. This used to be a live report as an experiment was occurring, but the historical name has been kept, even though it now denotes a report after conclusion of the test.
 LyricsAny Text which is intended to be sung.
 MotionPictureA ContentBearingObject which depicts motion (and which may have an audio or text component as well). This Class covers films, videos, etc.
 MusicTextA Text in a Language that represents a form of music.
 NarrativeTextAny Text that tells a story, whether true or false.
 ParagraphA Text which consists of one or more sentences, begins with an indented line, and expresses a single topic.
 PrescriptionInstructions to a Pharmacist and patient concerning Medicines and possibly their dosage and schedule, to be taken by the patient.
 SeriesA Text consisting of multiple self-contained units. Some examples are an encyclopedia containing a couple dozen volumes, a television series made up of many episodes, a film serial, etc.
 SpamAn unsolicited message that is the result of Spamming.
 SummaryA short Text that is a summary of another, longer Text.
 TreatyDocumentTreatyDocument is the subclass of Texts that represent written agreements between Nations.

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