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Sigma KEE - SquareRootFn

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation SquareRootFn ChineseLanguage "(SquareRootFn ?NUMBER)是 ?NUMBER的主要平方根。") chinese_format.kif 2275-2275
(documentation SquareRootFn EnglishLanguage "(SquareRootFn ?NUMBER) is the principal square root of ?NUMBER.") Merge.kif 5222-5223
(documentation SquareRootFn JapaneseLanguage "(SquareRootFn ?NUMBER) は、?NUMBERの主な平方 根である。") japanese_format.kif 941-942
(domain SquareRootFn 1 RealNumber) Merge.kif 5219-5219
(instance SquareRootFn UnaryFunction) Merge.kif 5218-5218
(range SquareRootFn RealNumber) Merge.kif 5220-5220

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage SquareRootFn "%1 平方根") chinese_format.kif 730-730
(format EnglishLanguage SquareRootFn "the squareRoot of %1") english_format.kif 732-732
(format FrenchLanguage SquareRootFn "le carr� de %1") french_format.kif 438-438
(format ItalianLanguage SquareRootFn "la radice quadrata di %1") relations-it.txt 268-268
(format JapaneseLanguage SquareRootFn "%1 の squareRoot") japanese_format.kif 2155-2155
(format PortugueseLanguage SquareRootFn "a raiz quadrada de %1") portuguese_format.kif 390-390
(format de SquareRootFn "die quadratwurzel von %1") relations-de.txt 943-943
(format hi SquareRootFn "%1 kaa vargamuula") relations-hindi.txt 305-305
(format ro SquareRootFn "rãdãcina square%t{pãtratã} a lui %1") relations-ro.kif 460-460
(format sv SquareRootFn "kvadratroten av %1") relations-sv.txt 500-500
(termFormat ChineseLanguage SquareRootFn "平方根") domainEnglishFormat.kif 54888-54888
(termFormat ChineseLanguage SquareRootFn "平方根函数") chinese_format.kif 731-731
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage SquareRootFn "平方根") domainEnglishFormat.kif 54887-54887
(termFormat EnglishLanguage SquareRootFn "square root") domainEnglishFormat.kif 54886-54886


        (SquareRootFn ?NUMBER1) ?NUMBER2)
        (MultiplicationFn ?NUMBER2 ?NUMBER2) ?NUMBER1))
Merge.kif 5225-5227


    (equal ?SD
        (StandardDeviationFn ?L))
    (equal ?SD
            (VarianceFn ?L))))
Weather.kif 1508-1513

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