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Sigma KEE - Sand

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Sand ChineseLanguage "Sand 是由松散零碎的 MineralRock 组成的 Mixture。(溫特瓦分級)沙粒比卵石小而比 SiltClay 大,它的 approximateDiameter 在 0.062 Millimeter 到 2 Millimeter 之间。Sand 是石头受水、冰或空气的 %Erosion 所产生的。") Geography.kif 4231-4233
(documentation Sand EnglishLanguage "Sand is a Mixture of loose fragments of Minerals or Rocks. Smaller than pebbles and larger than Silt and Clay (in the Wentworth Scale), sand particles range from 0.062 Millimeter to 2 Millimeter in approximateDiameter. Sand is formed by %Erosion of rocks through the action of ater, Ice or Air.") Geography.kif 4225-4229
(externalImage Sand " Differences_in_the_size_of_sand.jpg") pictureList.kif 971-971
(subclass Sand Soil) Geography.kif 4223-4223

appearance as argument number 2

(industryProductType IndustrialSandMining Sand) Economy.kif 1809-1809
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Sand "沙") Geography.kif 4235-4235
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Sand "砂") domainEnglishFormat.kif 51040-51040
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Sand "砂") domainEnglishFormat.kif 51039-51039
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Sand "sand") domainEnglishFormat.kif 51038-51038


        (part ?Particle ?Soil)
        (instance ?Soil Sand)
        (approximateDiameter ?Particle
            (MeasureFn ?Size Millimeter)))
        (greaterThan 2 ?Size)
        (greaterThan ?Size 0.062)))
Geography.kif 4237-4245


        (instance ?DUSTSTORM DustStorm)
        (instance ?WIND Wind)
        (subProcess ?DUSTSTORM ?WIND))
    (exists (?TRANSLOCATE ?PM ?SAND ?A1 ?A2 ?STRONG)
            (instance ?A1 LandArea)
            (eventLocated ?WIND ?A1)
            (surfaceWindSpeed ?A1
                (MeasureFn ?STRONG KnotUnitOfSpeed))
            (greaterThan ?STRONG 30)
            (instance ?TRANSLOCATE Translocation)
            (subProcess ?TRANSLOCATE ?DUSTSTORM)
            (objectTransferred ?TRANSLOCATE ?PM)
            (objectTransferred ?TRANSLOCATE ?SAND)
            (instance ?PM ParticulateMatter)
            (instance ?SAND Sand)
            (instance ?A2 LandArea)
            (destination ?TRANSLOCATE ?A2)
                (overlapsSpatially ?A1 ?A2)))))
Weather.kif 1275-1296
    (instance ?DESERT Desert)
        (groundSurfaceType ?DESERT Rock)
        (groundSurfaceType ?DESERT Sand)))
Geography.kif 6225-6229
    (instance ?Loam Loam)
    (exists (?Clay ?Sand ?Gravel ?Silt ?Organic)
            (instance ?Clay Clay)
            (piece ?Clay ?Loam)
            (instance ?Gravel Gravel)
            (piece ?Gravel ?Loam)
            (instance ?Sand Sand)
            (piece ?Sand ?Loam)
            (instance ?Silt Silt)
            (piece ?Silt ?Loam)
            (instance ?Organic BodySubstance)
            (piece ?Organic ?Loam))))
Geography.kif 4202-4215
    (instance ?Reef Reef)
    (exists (?Stuff)
                (instance ?Stuff Sand)
                (instance ?Stuff Rock)
                (instance ?Stuff Coral))
            (part ?Stuff ?Reef))))
Geography.kif 5756-5764
    (instance ?SS SandStorm)
    (exists (?SAND)
            (instance ?SAND Sand)
            (objectTransferred ?SS ?SAND))))
Weather.kif 1303-1308

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