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Sigma KEE - Proposition

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Proposition ChineseLanguage "PropositionAbstract 实体, 它表达一个完整 的意思或是一套想法。例如:公式 '(instance Yojo Cat)' 表达 Proposition 为那个叫佑舟的实体是猫 Class 的一个元素。注:命题限于由 Language 的个别句子所表达的内容,这可以包括由理论、书本和甚至整个 图书馆所表达的内容。千万要区别 Proposition 和表达命题的 ContentBearingObjectProposition 实一个信息,例如说猫在地毯上;但是 ContentBearingObject 是一个表达该信息的 ObjectProposition 可以有多个描述的抽象概念:字符串、声音和图标等。例如:猫在地毯上这个 Proposition 在这里是以显示器上或者是打印在纸上的一串图形字符来表示,但是它也可以由一系列的声音或者是某些 非拉丁字母或是某些加密形式来表示。") chinese_format.kif 2031-2038
(documentation Proposition EnglishLanguage "Propositions are Abstract entities that express a complete thought or a set of such thoughts. As an example, the formula '(instance Yojo Cat)' expresses the Proposition that the entity named Yojo is an element of the Class of Cats. Note that propositions are not restricted to the content expressed by individual sentences of a Language. They may encompass the content expressed by theories, books, and even whole libraries. It is important to distinguish Propositions from the ContentBearingObjects that express them. A Proposition is a piece of information, e.g. that the cat is on the mat, but a ContentBearingObject is an Object that represents this information. A Proposition is an abstraction that may have multiple representations: strings, sounds, icons, etc. For example, the Proposition that the cat is on the mat is represented here as a string of graphical characters displayed on a monitor and/ or printed on paper, but it can be represented by a sequence of sounds or by some non-latin alphabet or by some cryptographic form.") Merge.kif 3556-3570
(documentation Proposition JapaneseLanguage "Proposition は、完全な思考またはそのような 考えのセットを表現する Abstract エンティティである。例として、数式 '(インスタンスヨージョキャット)' は、 Proposition を表し、ヨージョという名前のエンティティが猫の Class の要素である 。 注: 提案は、個々の Language の文章により表現されたコンテンツに限定されない。 それらは理論、書籍、 さらには図書館全体によって表現される内容を包含するかもしれない。Proposition と  ContentBearingObject を区別することが重要である。Proposition は、猫がマット上にあるなど、 情報の一部だが、ContentBearingObject はこの情報を表す Object である。 Proposition は、 文字列、サウンド、アイコンなど、複数の表現を持つ抽象化である。 例:猫がマットの上にある Proposition が ここでは、モニターもしくは紙に印刷されて、グラフィカル文字の文字列として表示され るが、音、または非ラテン系のアルファベットまたは暗号形式によるシーケンスで表すことができる。") japanese_format.kif 673-682
(subclass Proposition Abstract) Merge.kif 3555-3555

appearance as argument number 2

(instance AmericansWithDisabilitiesAct Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 26913-26913
(instance AmericansWithDisabilitiesAct-US Proposition) Medicine.kif 3155-3155
(instance AntiterrorismAndEffectiveDeathPenaltyAct Proposition) Government.kif 2406-2406
(instance ImmigrationAndNationalityAct-Section219-US Proposition) Government.kif 2404-2404
(instance ImmigrationAndNationalityAct-US Proposition) Government.kif 2401-2401
(range PremisesFn Proposition) Merge.kif 16880-16880
(subclass Agreement Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13957-13957
(subclass Argument Proposition) Merge.kif 16812-16812
(subclass BankStatement Proposition) FinancialOntology.kif 3882-3882
(subclass Catalog Proposition) Catalog.kif 31-31
(subclass ClassificationScheme Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 22773-22773
(subclass Constitution Proposition) Government.kif 647-647
(subclass EconomicIndicator Proposition) FinancialOntology.kif 1639-1639
(subclass Equation Proposition) engineering.kif 150-150
(subclass FieldOfStudy Proposition) Merge.kif 16769-16769
(subclass Graph Proposition) Merge.kif 5622-5622
(subclass GraphElement Proposition) Merge.kif 5819-5819
(subclass HotelPackage Proposition) Hotel.kif 2725-2725
(subclass LyricalContent Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13786-13786
(subclass MealPlan Proposition) Hotel.kif 1541-1541
(subclass Model Proposition) engineering.kif 69-69
(subclass MultipolePostulate Proposition) engineering.kif 1266-1266
(subclass Music Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13733-13733
(subclass Policy Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 27185-27185
(subclass PricingScheme Proposition) Catalog.kif 184-184

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Display limited to 25 items. Show next 25

appearance as argument number 3

(domain DocumentFn 1 Proposition) Geography.kif 3012-3012
(domain accountInformation 2 Proposition) ComputingBrands.kif 4412-4412
(domain agreementAdoptionDate 1 Proposition) Government.kif 698-698
(domain agreementClause 1 Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 14067-14067
(domain agreementEffectiveDuring 1 Proposition) Government.kif 758-758
(domain agreementRevisionDate 1 Proposition) Government.kif 729-729
(domain agreementRevisionDate 3 Proposition) Government.kif 731-731
(domain capacityByArrangement 2 Proposition) Hotel.kif 787-787
(domain conclusion 2 Proposition) Merge.kif 16896-16896
(domain conforms 2 Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 26930-26930
(domain consistent 1 Proposition) Merge.kif 16904-16904
(domain consistent 2 Proposition) Merge.kif 16905-16905
(domain containsInformation 2 Proposition) Merge.kif 1358-1358
(domain dateOpenedForSignature 1 Proposition) Geography.kif 3070-3070
(domain insured 1 Proposition) Mid-level-ontology.kif 7137-7137
(domain originalExpressedInLanguage 1 Proposition) Music.kif 1454-1454
(domain premise 2 Proposition) Merge.kif 16872-16872
(domain propositionOwner 2 Proposition) Catalog.kif 170-170
(domain realization 2 Proposition) Merge.kif 4598-4598
(domain reservedPackage 2 Proposition) Hotel.kif 2971-2971
(domain subProposition 1 Proposition) Merge.kif 4637-4637
(domain subProposition 2 Proposition) Merge.kif 4638-4638

appearance as argument number 5

(disjointDecomposition Abstract Quantity Attribute Relation Proposition List) Merge.kif 1670-1670


        (buys ?CUST ?AGENT ?ITEM)
        (instance ?ITEM Proposition))
    (exists (?TRANS ?PROC)
            (agent ?TRANS ?CUST)
            (realization ?PROC ?ITEM)
            (instance ?TRANS Buying)
            (patient ?TRANS ?PROC)
            (origin ?TRANS ?AGENT))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 29974-29984
        (instance ?CREATE Creation)
        (result ?CREATE ?PROP)
        (instance ?PROP Proposition)
        (agent ?CREATE ?AGENT))
    (propositionOwner ?AGENT ?PROP))
Catalog.kif 172-178
        (instance ?PROP Proposition)
        (instance ?CBO ContentBearingObject)
        (containsInformation ?CBO ?PROP)
        (instance ?COMM Communication)
        (patient ?COMM ?CBO))
    (represents ?COMM ?PROP))
Geography.kif 3025-3032
        (instance ?PROP Proposition)
        (instance ?TEXT
            (DocumentFn ?PROP)))
    (exists (?DOC)
        (containsInformation ?DOC ?TEXT)))
Geography.kif 3018-3023
        (instance ?SR ReconnaissanceOperation)
        (agent ?SR ?AGENT)
        (instance ?PROP Proposition))
    (hasPurpose ?SR
        (knows ?AGENT ?PROP)))
MilitaryProcesses.kif 684-690
        (offers ?AGENT ?CATALOG)
        (catalogItem ?PROP ?CATALOG)
        (subclass ?PROP Proposition))
        (exists (?P ?S ?X)
                (instance ?P ?PROP)
                (realization ?X ?P)
                (instance ?S Selling)
                (patient ?S ?X)
                (agent ?S ?AGENT))) Possibility))
Catalog.kif 64-76


        (property ?ITEM ?VALUE)
        (instance ?VALUE TruthValue))
        (instance ?ITEM Sentence)
        (instance ?ITEM Proposition)))
Merge.kif 16973-16979
    (evidence ?LA ?P)
    (exists (?A ?PROP)
            (instance ?PROP Proposition)
            (instance ?A Argument)
            (refers ?A ?LA)
            (represents ?PROP ?P)
            (premise ?A ?PROP))))
Law.kif 180-188
    (instance ?CONST Constitution)
    (exists (?FORMULA ?PART)
            (instance ?FORMULA Formula)
            (containsInformation ?FORMULA ?PART)
            (instance ?PART Proposition)
            (subProposition ?PART ?CONST)
            (modalAttribute ?FORMULA Obligation))))
Government.kif 653-661
    (instance ?CONST Constitution)
    (exists (?FORMULA ?PART)
            (instance ?FORMULA Formula)
            (containsInformation ?FORMULA ?PART)
            (instance ?PART Proposition)
            (subProposition ?PART ?CONST)
            (modalAttribute ?FORMULA Permission))))
Government.kif 663-671
    (instance ?SENT Sentence)
    (exists (?PROP)
            (instance ?PROP Proposition)
            (containsInformation ?SENT ?PROP))))
Merge.kif 15447-15452
    (instance ?WAREHOUSE DataWarehouse)
    (hasPurpose ?WAREHOUSE
        (exists (?SUBJECT)
                (instance ?SUBJECT Proposition)
                (forall (?DATA)
                        (refers ?DATA ?SUBJECT)
                        (component ?DATA ?WAREHOUSE)))))))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 2204-2213

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