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O* O*
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NumericString4 (numeric string4) nephew (nephew)
Numismatics (numismatics) netAmount (net amount)
NuremburgGermany (Nuremburg germany) netWorth (net worth)
Nursery (nursery) newRegisteredUsers (new registered users)
NurseryAndFloricultureProduction (nursery and floriculture production) niece (niece)
NurseryAndGardenCenters (nursery and garden centers) not (not)
NurseryAndTreeProduction (nursery and tree production) notices (notices)
NursingAndResidentialCareFacilities (nursing and residential care facilities) nounGender (noun gender)
NursingCareFacilities (nursing care facilities) numberAdultOccupant (number of adult occupants)
Nutmeg (nutmeg) numberChildOccupant (number of child occupants)
Nutrient (nutrient) numberOccupant (number of occupants)
NutrientArteriesOfRadiusAndUlna (nutrient arteries of radius and ulna) numberOfCPUs (number of CPUs)
NuttyFlavour (nutty flavour) numberOfCustomers (number of customers)
NyimangLanguage (nyimang language) numberOfFloors (number of floors)
NynorskNorwegianLanguage (Nynorsk Norwegian language) numberSeniorOccupant (number of senior occupants)
O* o*
OCOOrder (OCO order) objectAttached (attached)
OHPTransparency (OHP transparency) objectDetached (detached)
OPLAN (OPLAN) objectGeographicCoordinates (object geographic coordinates)
ORing (o-ring) objectOfBid (object of bidding)
OakWoodArtifact (oak wood artifact) objectTransferred (object transferred)
Oar (oar) observedAtTimeInPlace (observed at time in place)
Oasis (oasis) observesHoliday (observes holiday)
OatFarming (oat farming) occupation (occupation)
OatGrain (oat grain) occupiesPosition (occupies position)
OatGrass (oat grass) offers (offers)
OberwartAustria (oberwart austria) offersAtTime (offers at time)
ObispenoLanguage (obispeno language) older (older)
Object (object) onOrientation (on orientation)
Object-AbstractionLevel (object- abstraction level) onboard (onboard)
ObjectAbstractionLevel (ObjectAbstractionLevel) operator (operator)
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