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N* N*
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Myanmar (myanmar) mothersSistersDaughter (mothers sisters daughter)
MyanmarKyat (myanmar kyat) mothersSistersHusband (mothers sisters husband)
MyastheniaGravis (myasthenia gravis) mothersSistersSon (mothers sisters son)
MycobacteriumTuberculosis (mycobacterium tuberculosis) moves (moves)
MycophenolicAcid (mycophenolic acid) multiplicativeFactor (multiplicative factor)
Mycotoxin (mycotoxin) muscleInsertion (muscle insertion)
MylohyoidBranchArtery (mylohyoid branch artery) muscleOrigin (muscle origin)
MylohyoidBranchOfInferiorAlveolarArtery (MylohyoidBranchOfInferiorAlveolarArtery) musicChartBy (music chart by)
MylohyoidLineOfMandible (MylohyoidLineOfMandible) musicChartPeriod (music chart period)
MylohyoidMuscle (mylohyoid muscle) musicGenre (music genre)
MylohyoidNerveFromInferiorAlveolarBranchOfMandibularNerveCNV3 (mylohyoid nerve, from inferior alveolar branch of mandibular nerve [CNV3]) musicInterpretation (music interpretation)
Myriapod (myriapod) musicVideo (music video)
MysteryStory (mystery story) musician (musician)
Myxomatosis (myxomatosis) mutualAcquaintance (mutual acquaintance)
MzabWarglaLanguage (mzab wargla language) mutualStranger (mutual stranger)
N* n*
N95Mask (N95 mask) name (name)
NASDAQ (NASDAQ) nameAfterKeyName (name after key name)
NASDAQCompositeIndex (NASDAQ composite index) nameBeforeKeyName (name before key name)
NASDAQIndex (NASDAQ) nameIndexOrder (name index order)
NHOrder (NH order) names (names)
NIFTY50Index (NIFTY50) nationalCelebration (national celebration)
NSAID (NSAID) nationalHoliday (national holiday)
NSFW (NSFW) naturalHazardTypeInArea (natural hazard type in area)
NaAlinWestBank (na alin west bank) naturalResourceTypeInArea (natural resource type in area)
NaDeneLanguage (na dene language) navigableForDraft (navigable for draft)
NablusWestBank (nablus west bank) navigableForShippingTonnage (navigable for shipping tonnage)
NadebLanguage (nadeb language) nearOrientation (near orientation)
NafusiLanguage (nafusi language) needs (needs)
NagaPidginLanguage (naga pidgin language) negotiatedPrice (negotiated price)
NahalOzGazaStrip (nahal oz gaza strip) neighbor (neighbor)
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