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HydrophobicSide (hydrophobic side) homeAddress (home address)
HydropowerWaterArea (hydropower water area) homePage (homepage)
Hydroxychloroquine (hydroxychloroquine) homePhoneNumber (home phone number)
HyoglossusMuscle (hyoglossus muscle) homologousChromosome (homologous chromosome)
Hyoid (Hyoid) homologousChromosomePair (homologous chromosome pair)
HyoidArtery (hyoid artery) hopes (hopes)
HyoidBone (hyoid bone) hostJitter (host jitter)
Hyperferritinemia (hyperferritinemia) hostOf (host of)
Hypersalivation (hypersalivation) hostStatus (host status)
HypertextLink (hyperlink) hostedOn (hosted on)
Hyperthermia (hyperthermia) hostileForces (hostile forces)
HypoglossalNerveCNXII (hypoglossal nerve [CNXII]) hotSeasonInArea (hot season in area)
Hypothalamus (hypothalamus) humanCapacity (human capacity)
Hypothermia (hypothermia) humanName (human name)
Hypoxia (Hypoxia) husband (husband)
I* i*
IACOAirlineCode (IACO airline code) identicalListItems (identical list items)
IATAAirlineCode (IATA airline code) identityElement (identity element)
IBooks (iBooks) ideologicalAffiliationOfOrganization (ideological affiliation of organization)
IBookstore (iBookstore) illicitDrugConsumer (illicit drug consumer)
ICloud (i-cloud) illicitDrugProducer (illicit drug producer)
IDeviceHomeButton (home button) illicitDrugShipmentDestination (illicit drug shipment destination)
IEBrowser (IE) illicitDrugTransshipmentPoint (illicit drug transshipment point)
IED (IED) imageResolution (image resolution)
IMClient (IM client) immediateInstance (immediate instance)
IMFDevelopmentLevel (IMF development level) immediateSubclass (immediate subclass)
IMStatusAttribute (IM status attribute) implementsProtocol (implements protocol)
IMessage (i-message) importCommodityType (import commodity type)
IOCOrder (IOC order) importCommodityTypeByRank (import commodity type by rank)
IPAddress (IP address) importPartner (import partner)
ISBNcode (ISB ncode) importPartnerByFraction (import partner by fraction)
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