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Sigma KEE - hazardous

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation hazardous ChineseLanguage "hazardous 是一种 BinaryRelation,它把 一个 Physical (ObjectProcess) 和这个物理可能造成 Damaging 的另外一个 Object 连系在一起。(hazardous ?THING ?OBJECT) 的月意思是 ?THING 可能为造成 ?OBJECT 损害。") Geography.kif 5763-5765
(documentation hazardous EnglishLanguage "hazardous is a BinaryRelation which associates a Physical (an Object or a Process) to the Damaging it may bring to another Object. (hazardous ?THING ?OBJECT) means that ?THING may cause damage to ?OBJECT.") Geography.kif 5760-5762
(domain hazardous 1 Physical) Geography.kif 5766-5766
(domain hazardous 2 Object) Geography.kif 5767-5767
(instance hazardous BinaryRelation) Geography.kif 5768-5768

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage hazardous "%1 is n% hazardous to %2") Geography.kif 5769-5769
(subrelation maritimeHazard hazardous) Geography.kif 5790-5790
(termFormat ChineseLanguage hazardous "危险") Geography.kif 5771-5771
(termFormat EnglishLanguage hazardous "hazardous") Geography.kif 5770-5770


    (hazardous ?A ?B)
        (exists (?D)
                (instance ?D Damaging)
                (patient ?D ?B)
                    (involvedInEvent ?D ?A)
                    (causes ?A ?D)))) Possibility))
Geography.kif 5773-5782


        (instance ?HS HeavySurf)
        (instance ?PLACE WaterArea)
        (eventLocated ?HS ?PLACE))
    (exists (?SWIM ?A)
            (instance ?SWIM Swimming)
            (instance ?A Human)
            (agent ?SWIM ?A)
            (eventLocated ?SWIM ?PLACE)
                (WhenFn ?HS)
                (hazardous ?HS ?A)))))
Weather.kif 1578-1591
    (maritimeHazard ?A ?B)
    (exists (?SAIL ?WATER)
            (instance ?SAIL WaterTransportation)
            (instrument ?SAIL ?B)
            (eventLocated ?SAIL ?WATER)
            (located ?A ?WATER)
            (hazardous ?A ?B))))
Geography.kif 5794-5802

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