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Sigma KEE - distrusts

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation distrusts EnglishLanguage "A Relation between two Agents and a class of Processes where the first agent does not believe that the second agent will do what he says, at least with respect to that kind of action, either because he will lie, or because he simply is not capable of performing the action.") Law.kif 373-377
(domain distrusts 1 AutonomousAgent) Law.kif 367-367 Le nombre 1 argument de distrusts est une instance de AutonomousAgent
(domain distrusts 2 AutonomousAgent) Law.kif 368-368 Le nombre 2 argument de distrusts est une instance de AutonomousAgent
(domainSubclass distrusts 3 IntentionalProcess) Law.kif 369-369 Le nombre 3 argument de distrusts est une sous-classe de processus intentionnel
(instance distrusts TernaryPredicate) Law.kif 366-366 distrusts est une instance de pr�dicat ternaire

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage distrusts "%1 distrusts %2") Law.kif 371-371
(termFormat EnglishLanguage distrusts "distrusts") Law.kif 370-370


    (distrusts ?A1 ?A2 ?P)
    (believes ?A1
            (exists (?PI)
                    (instance ?PI ?P)
                    (agent ?PI ?A2))) Unlikely)))
Law.kif 422-430
    (distrusts ?A1 ?A2 ?P)
        (trusts ?A1 ?A2 ?P)))
Law.kif 417-420

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