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Sigma KEE - connectedBodyPart

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation connectedBodyPart EnglishLanguage "A Relation between Classes of parts of a Healthy Animal that are connected.") Mid-level-ontology.kif 11494-11495
(domainSubclass connectedBodyPart 1 BodyPart) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11497-11497
(domainSubclass connectedBodyPart 2 BodyPart) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11498-11498
(instance connectedBodyPart BinaryPredicate) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11493-11493
(instance connectedBodyPart TransitiveRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11492-11492

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage connectedBodyPart "a %1 is connected to a %2") Mid-level-ontology.kif 11496-11496


        (connectedBodyPart ?A ?B)
        (attribute ?H Healthy))
    (exists (?AI ?BI)
            (instance ?AI ?A)
            (instance ?BI ?B)
            (part ?AI ?H)
            (part ?BI ?H)
            (connected ?AI ?BI))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 11502-11512

appearance as argument number 0

(connectedBodyPart Esophagus Stomach) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11599-11599
(connectedBodyPart Intestine Rectum) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11601-11601
(connectedBodyPart Mouth Esophagus) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11598-11598
(connectedBodyPart Mouth Trachea) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11625-11625
(connectedBodyPart Nose Trachea) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11626-11626
(connectedBodyPart Rectum Anus) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11602-11602
(connectedBodyPart Stomach Intestine) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11600-11600
(connectedBodyPart Trachea Lung) Mid-level-ontology.kif 11627-11627

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