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Sigma KEE - Swimming

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Swimming ChineseLanguage "这是由 Organism 在水中完成的任何故意和有控制的 BodyMotion。") chinese_format.kif 3012-3013
(documentation Swimming EnglishLanguage "Any deliberate and controlled BodyMotion through water that is accomplished by an Organism.") Merge.kif 11171-11172
(documentation Swimming JapaneseLanguage "Organism によって遂行される水を通して BodyMotion を意図的に制御する。") japanese_format.kif 1775-1776
(externalImage Swimming " US_Road_Signs/ recreation/ rec_4/ swimming.png") pictureList.kif 765-765
(externalImage Swimming "") pictureList.kif 3205-3205
(subclass Swimming BodyMotion) Merge.kif 11168-11168 Nager est une sous-classe de mouvement du corps
(subclass Swimming IntentionalProcess) Merge.kif 11169-11169 Nager est une sous-classe de processus intentionnel

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass ScubaDiving Swimming) Mid-level-ontology.kif 26897-26897 ScubaDiving est une sous-classe de nager
(subclass Snorkeling Swimming) Sports.kif 106-106 Snorkeling est une sous-classe de nager
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Swimming "游泳") chinese_format.kif 1116-1116
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Swimming "swimming") english_format.kif 1449-1449
(termFormat FrenchLanguage Swimming "nager") french_format.kif 794-794
(termFormat Hindi Swimming "tairanaa") terms-hindi.txt 326-326
(termFormat ItalianLanguage Swimming "Nuotare") terms-it.txt 329-329
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage Swimming "水泳") japanese_format.kif 2478-2478
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage Swimming "Nadar") portuguese_format.kif 746-746
(termFormat cb Swimming "paglangngoy") terms-cb.txt 331-331
(termFormat cz Swimming "swimming") terms-cz.txt 365-365
(termFormat ro Swimming "înot") relations-ro.kif 815-815
(termFormat tg Swimming "lumalangoy") terms-tg.txt 330-330


        (instance ?SWIM Swimming)
        (agent ?SWIM ?AGENT))
    (exists (?AREA)
            (instance ?AREA WaterArea)
            (located ?AGENT ?AREA))))
Merge.kif 11174-11181


        (instance ?HS HeavySurf)
        (instance ?PLACE WaterArea)
        (eventLocated ?HS ?PLACE))
    (exists (?SWIM ?A)
            (instance ?SWIM Swimming)
            (instance ?A Human)
            (agent ?SWIM ?A)
            (eventLocated ?SWIM ?PLACE)
                (WhenFn ?HS)
                (hazardous ?HS ?A)))))
Weather.kif 1579-1592
    (instance ?P SwimmingPool)
    (hasPurpose ?P
        (exists (?S)
                (instance ?S Swimming)
                (eventLocated ?S ?P)))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 4726-4732

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