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Sigma KEE - SleepApnea

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation SleepApnea EnglishLanguage "Sleep apnea, also spelled sleep apnoea, is a sleep disorder in which pauses in Breathing or periods of shallow breathing during Sleeping occur more often than normal. Each pause can last for a few seconds to a few minutes and they happen many times a night. In the most common form, this follows loud snoring. There may be a Choking or snorting sound as breathing resumes. Because the disorder disrupts normal sleep, those affected may experience sleepiness or feel tired during the day. In children, it may cause hyperactivity or problems in school.[from Wikipedia]") Medicine.kif 4149-4158
(instance SleepApnea DiseaseOrSyndrome) Medicine.kif 4147-4147 SleepApnea est une instance de maladie ou syndrome

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage SleepApnea "sleep apnea") Medicine.kif 4159-4159


    (holdsDuring ?T
            (attribute ?H SleepApnea)
            (attribute ?H Sleeping)))
    (exists (?T2 ?B ?B2)
            (during ?T2 ?T)
                (exists (?B)
                        (instance ?B Breathing)
                            (WhenFn ?B) ?T2)
                        (experiencer ?B ?H))))
            (holdsDuring ?T2
                    (instance ?B2 Breathing)
                    (needs ?H ?B2))))))
Medicine.kif 4161-4178

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