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Sigma KEE - Sadness

appearance as argument number 1

(actionTendency Sadness SadFacialExpression) emotion.kif 185-185
(documentation Sadness EnglishLanguage "A negative emotion felt when an event is appraised as unpleasant, obstructive to one's goals and concerns, and one feels unable to cope with it or modify it. [Source: OCEAS]") emotion.kif 1124-1127
(instance Sadness EmotionalState) emotion.kif 1123-1123

appearance as argument number 2

(relatedInternalConcept SadFacialExpression Sadness) emotion.kif 1329-1329
(relatedInternalConcept SadVoiceUtterance Sadness) emotion.kif 1971-1971
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Sadness "sadness") emotion.kif 1120-1120
(termFormat FrenchLanguage Sadness "tristesse") emotion.kif 1129-1129
(termFormat GermanLanguage Sadness "trauer") emotion.kif 1121-1121
(termFormat SpanishLanguage Sadness "tristeza") emotion.kif 1122-1122
(utterance EnglishLanguage Sadness "sad") emotion.kif 1128-1128


    (holdsDuring ?T
        (attribute ?A Sadness))
        (exists (?FE)
                (instance ?FE SadFacialExpression)
                (experiencer ?FE ?A)
                    (WhenFn ?FE) ?T))) Likely))
emotion.kif 1333-1342


        (instance ?C Crying)
        (experiencer ?C ?H))
        (WhenFn ?C)
        (attribute ?H Sadness)))
emotion.kif 1149-1155
        (instance ?SVU SadVoiceUtterance)
        (agent ?SVU ?A))
    (exists (?S)
            (instance ?S Sadness)
            (experiencer ?S ?A)
            (causes ?S ?SVU))))
emotion.kif 1975-1983
        (instance ?W Weeping)
        (experiencer ?W ?A))
            (WhenFn ?W)
            (attribute ?A Sadness)) Likely))
emotion.kif 1610-1618

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