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Sigma KEE - Poking

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Poking ChineseLanguage "这是当 agentinstrument 刺穿 Object 表面的 Process Class。") chinese_format.kif 3159-3160
(documentation Poking EnglishLanguage "The Class of Processes where the agent pierces the surface of the Object with an instrument.") Merge.kif 12094-12095
(subclass Poking IntentionalProcess) Merge.kif 12093-12093

appearance as argument number 2

(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Poking) WMD.kif 283-283
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaMallei Poking) WMD.kif 357-357
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaPseudomallei Poking) WMD.kif 373-373
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ClostridiumTetani Poking) WMD.kif 1498-1498
(biochemicalAgentDelivery CrimeanCongoHemorrhagicFeverVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1912-1912
(biochemicalAgentDelivery DengueFeverVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1632-1632
(biochemicalAgentDelivery EasternEquineEncephalitisVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1681-1681
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisAVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1774-1774
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisBVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1786-1786
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisCVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1797-1797
(biochemicalAgentDelivery JapaneseEncephalitisVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1695-1695
(biochemicalAgentDelivery LaCrosseVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1652-1652
(biochemicalAgentDelivery MalarialPlasmodium Poking) WMD.kif 1607-1607
(biochemicalAgentDelivery MarburgVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1727-1727
(biochemicalAgentDelivery MonkeypoxVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1226-1226
(biochemicalAgentDelivery SaintLouisEncephalitisVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1666-1666
(biochemicalAgentDelivery TickBorneEncephalitisVirus Poking) WMD.kif 2015-2015
(biochemicalAgentDelivery WestNileVirus Poking) WMD.kif 1619-1619
(subclass Cutting Poking) Merge.kif 12105-12105
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Poking "刺") chinese_format.kif 1163-1163
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Poking "poking") english_format.kif 1543-1543

appearance as argument number 3

(biochemicalAgentAntidote NerveAgent Atropine Poking) WMD.kif 561-561


        (instance ?POKE Poking)
        (agent ?POKE ?AGENT)
        (patient ?POKE ?OBJ)
        (instrument ?POKE ?INST))
        (WhenFn ?POKE)
        (connects ?INST ?AGENT ?OBJ)))
Merge.kif 12097-12103

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