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GNetwork GNetwork
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FurnitureAndRelatedProductManufacturing (furniture and related product manufacturing) flows (flows)
FurnitureIndustry (furniture industry) follows (follow)
FurnitureManufacturing (furniture manufacturing) forall (forall)
FurnitureStores (furniture stores) formOfAdaptation (form of adaptation)
FurnitureWholesalers (furniture wholesalers) format (format)
Fury (fury) formerName (former name)
FusagasusaColombia (fusagasusa colombia) freeFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
FusionCuisine (Fusion Cuisine) freePropertyAmenity (free property amenity)
FutureFn (future) freeRoomAmenity (free room amenity)
GAU12U (GAU-12U Equalizer cannon) frequency (frequency)
GF (GF) friend (friend)
GMBFn (gross merchandise bought) fulfillingEntity (fulfillingEntity)
GMLs1V8engine (ls1 engine) fullName (fullName)
GMVFn (gross merchandise volume) fullNameIndexOrder (fullNameIndexOrder)
GMail (GMail) functionRoomAmenity (function room amenity)
GNetwork gNetwork
GPIFn (GPW) gainsControl (gains control)
GPRSNetwork (GPRS network) geneticSubstrateOfVirus (genetic substrate of virus)
GPSFn (GPS) geographicSubregion (geographic subregion)
GSMNetwork (GSM network) geometricDistance (geometric distance)
GSeriesNerveAgent (G series nerve agent) geometricPart (geometric part)
GTCOrder (GTC order) geopoliticalSubdivision (geopolitical subdivision)
GUE_ActiveState (GUE_ActiveState) givenName (given name)
GUE_CoveredState (GUE_CoveredState) governmentType (government type)
GUE_DisplayedState (GUE_DisplayedState) governorSpeed (governorSpeed)
GUE_InPartCoveredState (GUE_InPartCoveredState) grammaticalRelation (grammatical relation)
GUE_MaximizedWindowState (GUE_MaximizedWindowState) grandfather (grandfather)
GUE_MinimizedState (GUE_MinimizedState) grandmother (grandmother)
GUE_NonVisibleState (GUE_NonVisibleState) grandparent (grandparent)
GUE_OffscreenState (GUE_OffscreenState) granularity (granularity)
GUE_PartiallyCoveredState (GUE_PartiallyCoveredState) graphMeasure (graphMeasure)
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