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Sigma KEE - EngineeringConnection
EngineeringConnection(composant connectant des autres composant)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation EngineeringConnection ChineseLanguage "EngineeringConnection 是一种表示和 另外两个 EngineeringComponent 连接关系的 EngineeringComponent。这是 Predicate connectedEngineeringComponents 的具体表现。这表示每当这个 Predicate出现于两个 EngineeringComponent 时,就会有一个 EngineeringConnection。具体实现这段关系的实际原因是可以 容许附加和它相关的其他信息。例如:我们可能会说一个特定的连接是和某些共同参数有关联的,或者那是一个特别的种类。 EngineeringConnectionEngineeringComponent,所以它可以是另外一个 EngineeringComponentengineeringSubcomponent。可是为了让部件系统模块的规律,EngineeringConnection 不许被连接。 在每一双由 connectedEngineeringComponents 联系的 EngineeringComponent,都存在起码一个 EngineeringConnection。但是那个物件不必是独一无二的,而且相同的 EngineeringConnection 可以跟 多对 EngineeringComponent 连接。") chinese_format.kif 3648-3657
(documentation EngineeringConnection EnglishLanguage "An EngineeringConnection is an EngineeringComponent that represents a connection relationship between two other EngineeringComponents. It is a reification of the Predicate connectedEngineeringComponents. That means that whenever this Predicate holds between two EngineeringComponents, there exists an EngineeringConnection. The practical reason for reifying a relationship is to be able to attach other information about it. For example, one might want to say that a particular connection is associated with some shared parameters, or that it is of a particular type. EngineeringConnections are EngineeringComponents and can therefore be an engineeringSubcomponent of other EngineeringComponents. However, to provide for modular regularity in component systems, EngineeringConnections cannot be connected. For each pair of EngineeringComponents related by connectedEngineeringComponents, there exists at least one EngineeringConnection. However, that object may not be unique, and the same EngineeringConnection may be associated with several pairs of EngineeringComponents.") Merge.kif 16087-16103
(subclass EngineeringConnection EngineeringComponent) Merge.kif 16086-16086 Composant connectant des autres composant est une sous-classe de composant d'un appareil

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Cable EngineeringConnection) Hotel.kif 1398-1398 Cable est une sous-classe de composant connectant des autres composant
(subclass InternetConnection EngineeringConnection) Hotel.kif 1387-1387 InternetConnection est une sous-classe de composant connectant des autres composant
(termFormat ChineseLanguage EngineeringConnection "工程组件连接件") chinese_format.kif 1062-1062
(termFormat EnglishLanguage EngineeringConnection "engineering connection") english_format.kif 1335-1335
(termFormat FrenchLanguage EngineeringConnection "composant connectant des autres composant") french_format.kif 740-740
(termFormat Hindi EngineeringConnection "abhiyaantrikI sanyojana") terms-hindi.txt 271-271
(termFormat ItalianLanguage EngineeringConnection "MeccanismiDiConnessione") terms-it.txt 274-274
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage EngineeringConnection "エンジニアリング接続") japanese_format.kif 2424-2424
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage EngineeringConnection "Conexao de Engenharia") portuguese_format.kif 692-692
(termFormat cz EngineeringConnection "engineering connection") terms-cz.txt 310-310
(termFormat ro EngineeringConnection "mecanism de conectare") relations-ro.kif 761-761
(termFormat tg EngineeringConnection "kaugnaya sa pagdedesenyo") terms-tg.txt 275-275

appearance as argument number 3

(domain connectsEngineeringComponents 1 EngineeringConnection) Merge.kif 16129-16129 Le nombre 1 argument de connectsEngineeringComponents est une instance de composant connectant des autres composant


    (instance ?CONNECTION EngineeringConnection)
    (exists (?COMP1 ?COMP2)
        (connectsEngineeringComponents ?CONNECTION ?COMP1 ?COMP2)))
Merge.kif 16105-16108