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Sigma KEE - BacillusAnthracis

appearance as argument number 1

(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Breathing) WMD.kif 281-281 biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis and respirer
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Ingesting) WMD.kif 282-282 biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis and ing�rer
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Injecting) WMD.kif 283-283 biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis and Injecting
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Touching) WMD.kif 284-284 biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis and toucher
(biochemicalAgentSyndrome BacillusAnthracis Anthrax) WMD.kif 280-280 biochemicalAgentSyndrome BacillusAnthracis and Anthrax
(biologicalAgentCarrier BacillusAnthracis HoofedMammal) WMD.kif 285-285 biologicalAgentCarrier BacillusAnthracis and ongul�
(documentation BacillusAnthracis EnglishLanguage "The Bacterium which causes the disease Anthrax. Humans may become infected with Anthrax via contamination of a wound or by inhaling the Bacterium. When it is inhaled, the disease is often fatal if not treated early (see InhalationalAnthrax).") WMD.kif 286-289
(subclass BacillusAnthracis BacterialAgent) WMD.kif 279-279 BacillusAnthracis est une sous-classe de BacterialAgent

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage BacillusAnthracis "炭疽杆菌") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9492-9492
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage BacillusAnthracis "炭疽桿菌") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9491-9491
(termFormat EnglishLanguage BacillusAnthracis "bacillus anthracis") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9490-9490


    (attribute ?ORGANISM InhalationalAnthrax)
            (instance ?ANTHRACIS BacillusAnthracis)
            (instance ?BREATHING Breathing)
            (agent ?BREATHING ?ORGANISM)
            (patient ?BREATHING ?ANTHRACIS))))
WMD.kif 1150-1157
    (instance ?X AerosolizedBacillusAnthracis)
    (exists (?Y)
            (instance ?Y BacillusAnthracis)
            (part ?Y ?X))))
WMD.kif 297-302

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