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Sigma KEE - familyRelation
family relation
A very general Predicate for biological relationships. (familyRelation ?ORGANISM1 ?ORGANISM2) means that ?ORGANISM1 and ?ORGANISM2 are biologically derived from a common ancestor.
Parents relative (relative ?O1 ?O2) means that ?O1 and ?O2 are relatives, whether through common ancestry (consanguinity), someone's marriage (affinity), or someone's adoption. This definition is intentionally broad, so as to capture a wide array of `familial' relations. The notion of who counts as `family' also varies between cultures, but that aspect of meaning is not addressed here.
Children aunt(aunt ?AUNT ?PERSON) means that ?AUNT is the sister of a parent of ?PERSON.
 cousin(cousin ?PERSON1 ?PERSON2) means that ?PERSON1 and ?PERSON2 are cousins, i.e. ?PERSON1 and ?PERSON2 have grandparents (but not parents) in common.
 fathers brothers daughterIn Arabic: binot AlEam~. Female cousin on the father side, daughter of father's brother .
 fathers brothers sonIn Arabic: Aibon AlEam~. Son of father's brother.
 fathers brothers wifeIn Arabic: zawojap AlEam~. Wife of father's brother.
 fathers sisters daughterIn Arabic: binot AlEam~ap. Daughter of father's sister.
 fathers sisters husbandIn Arabic: zawoj AlEam~ap. Husband of father's sister.
 fathers sisters sonIn Arabic: Aibon AlEam~ap. Son of father's sister.
 maternal auntIn Arabic: xaAlap. Mother's sister, maternal aunt.
 maternal uncleIn Arabic: xaAl. Mother's brother, maternal uncle.
 mothers brothers daughterIn Arabic: binot AlxaAl. Female cousin on the mother's side, daughter of mother's brother.
 mothers brothers sonIn Arabic: Aibon AlxaAl. Male cousin on the mother's side, son of mother's brother.
 mothers brothers wifeIn Arabic: zawojap AlxaAl. Wife of mother's brother.
 mothers sisters daughterIn Arabic: binot AlxaAlap. Daughter of mother's sister.
 mothers sisters husbandIn Arabic: zawoj AlxaAlap. Husband of mother's sister.
 mothers sisters sonIn Arabic: Aibon AlxaAlap. Son of mother's sister.
 nephew(nephew ?NEPHEW ?PERSON) means that ?NEPHEW is the son of a sibling of ?PERSON.
 niece(niece ?NIECE ?PERSON) means that ?NIECE is the daughter of a sibling of ?PERSON.
 paternal auntIn Arabic: Eam~ap. Father's sister, paternal aunt.
 paternal uncleIn Arabic: Eam~. Father's brother, paternal uncle.
 siblingThe relationship between two Organisms that have the same mother and father. Note that this relationship does not hold between half-brothers, half-sisters, etc.
 uncle(uncle ?UNCLE ?PERSON) means that ?UNCLE is the brother of a parent of ?PERSON.
InstancesabstractProperties or qualities as distinguished from any particular embodiment of the properties/qualities in a physical medium. Instances of Abstract can be said to exist in the same sense as mathematical objects such as sets and relations, but they cannot exist at a particular place and time without some physical encoding or embodiment.
 binary predicateA Predicate relating two items - its valence is two.
 binary relationBinaryRelations are relations that are true only of pairs of things. BinaryRelations are represented as slots in frame systems.
 entityThe universal class of individuals. This is the root node of the ontology.
 inheritable relationThe class of Relations whose properties can be inherited downward in the class hierarchy via the subrelation Predicate.
 predicateA Predicate is a sentence-forming Relation. Each tuple in the Relation is a finite, ordered sequence of objects. The fact that a particular tuple is an element of a Predicate is denoted by '(*predicate* arg_1 arg_2 .. arg_n)', where the arg_i are the objects so related. In the case of BinaryPredicates, the fact can be read as `arg_1 is *predicate* arg_2' or `a *predicate* of arg_1 is arg_2'.
 relationThe Class of relations. There are two kinds of Relation: Predicate and Function. Predicates and Functions both denote sets of ordered n-tuples. The difference between these two Classes is that Predicates cover formula-forming operators, while Functions cover term-forming operators.
Belongs to Class entity

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