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Sigma KEE - Translocation
Translocation is that class of Motions in which an object moves from one place to another. In the case of round trips, the origin and destination are the same, but the intervening motion passes through other locations. Translocation represents linear motion, in contrast to rotation or other movement in place. A vehicle is not necessary, Ambulating is a kind of Translocation.
Parents motion Any Process of movement.
Children acceleratingIncreasing the speed with which someone or something is moving.
 ambulatingAny BodyMotion which is accomplished by means of the legs of an Animal for the purpose of moving from one point to another.
 arrivingThe final part of any instance of Translocation.
 boardingGetting on a Vehicle, e.g. getting into an Automobile, boarding an Aircraft, etc.
 crawlingA form of locomotion where a Bipedal animal changes location in part by use of the arms or hands on the ground. This covers a baby crawling on all fours, or a soldier dragging his lower body along pulled from the elbows in order to stay low and less visible. It does not however cover a dog walking on its front and rear legs because it's a normally quadripedal animal.
 deboardingGetting off a Vehicle, e.g. getting out of an Automobile, deplaning, getting off a WaterVehicle, etc.
 deceleratingDecreasing the speed with which someone or something is moving.
 disappearingA Translocation of an Object ?OBJ after which a Searching of the ?OBJ occurs but for a TimeInterval ?TIME it is not possible for the AutonomousAgent of the search to discover the ?OBJ
 escapingAny instance of Translocation where the agent brings it about that he/she is no longer confined without having the right to do so.
 fallingFalling is the class of events in which something moves from a higher location to a lower location under the force of gravity.
 flyingAny instance of Translocation which is through an AtmosphericRegion.
 hajjThe Pilgrimage to Mecca in Islam. It is the fifth obligatory Pillar of the Five Pillars of Islam for those who are ablebodied and can afford to do pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. It takes place every year in the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah.
 immigratingAny Translocation by a Human from one Nation to another Nation where the person is not a citizen for the purpose of taking up residence.
 landingAny instance of Translocation which ends up on something other than an AtmosphericRegion and which has an instance of Flying as a subProcess.
 landingThe act of coming to land after a voyage.
 leavingThe initial part of any instance of Translocation.
 military infiltrationAny Process by a MilitaryOrganization which involves moving through enemy positions without detection by the enemy.
 moving cursorThe UserSignifiedGraphicalAction is accomplished by a ComputerUser taking a UserDirectAction that is interpreted as signifying that a cursor should be moved. Depending upon program state this could be accomplished by UserDirectActions of MouseMoving, a TouchSurfaceSlide, JoystickMotion, ScrollWheelRotating, KeyboardAction, repeated %&Clicking, or AudioInput.
 moving towards peopleA bodily movement behavior which involves moving, or leaning, towards people (approach).
 returningAny instance of Translocation where the agent goes to a location where he/she had been before the Translocation took place.
 ship berthingShipBerthing is the class of Translocation processes in which a vessel is brought to a mooring, at dockside or anchorage.
 taking offAny instance of Translocation which starts on something other than an AtmosphericRegion and which has an instance of Flying as a subProcess.
 transferAny instance of Translocation where the agent and the patient are not the same thing.
 transportationMotion from one point to another by means of a TransportationDevice.
 trespassingEntering property that does not belong to one and without the permission of the owner of the property.
 umrahA pilgrimage to Meccca performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. According to some schools of Islamic thought, the Umrah is not compulsory (as with Hajj) but highly recommended.
 vaccinationAdministering a Vaccine.

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