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Sigma KEE - Muscle

A normal or pathological part of the anatomy or structural organization of an Organism. This class covers BodyParts, as well as structures that are given off by Organisms, e.g. ReproductiveBodies.
Parents body part A collection of Cells and Tissues which are localized to a specific area of an Organism and which are not pathological. The instances of this Class range from gross structures to small components of complex Organs.
Children abductor digiti minimi muscleThe AbductorDigitiMinimiMuscle abducts little Finger.
 abductor hallucis muscleThe AbductorHallucisMuscle abducts hallux.
 abductor pollicis brevis muscleThe AbductorPollicisBrevisMuscle abducts Thumb.
 abductor pollicis longus muscleThe AbductorPollicisLongusMuscle abducts and extends Thumb.
 abductor pollicis brevis muscleThe AbductorPollicisBrevisMuscle adducts thumb at carpometacarpal joint.
 adductor brevis muscleThe AdductorBrevisMuscle adducts HipJoint[11].
 adductor hallucis muscleThe AdductorHallucisMuscle eadducts big Toe.
 adductor longus muscleThe AdductorLongusMuscle adducts and medially rotates HipJoint[11].
 adductor magnus muscleThe AdductorMagnusMuscle adducts HipJoint[11].
 adductor muscles of the &hipThe AdductorMusclesOfTheHipMuscle adducts HipJoint.
 alar part dilator naris muscledilates nostrils
 anconeus muscleThe AnconeusMuscle partly blended with triceps, extends forearm, stabilises elbow, abducts ulna during pronation.
 articularis genus muscleThe ArticularisGenusMuscle pulls suprapatellar bursa during Extension of Knee.
 arytenoid (transverse and oblique) muscleThe ArytenoidTransverseAndObliqueMuscle approximates arytenoid cartilages (closes rima glottidis).
 auricularis anterior muscleThe AuricularisAnteriorMuscle pulls auricle forwards.
 auricularis posterior muscleThe AuricularisPosteriorMuscle pulls auricle backwards.
 auricularis superior muscleThe AuricularisSuperiorMuscle pulls auricle upwards.
 coracobrachialis muscleThe BicepsBrachiiMuscle flexes elbow, supinates forearm.
 biceps femoris muscleThe BicepsFemorisMuscle flexes knee joint, laterally rotates leg at knee (when knee is flexed), extends hip joint (long head only).
 brachialis muscleThe BrachialisMuscle performs Flexion of elbow.
 brachioradialis muscleThe BrachioradialisMuscle performs Flexion of forearm, pronates forearm when supine, supinates forearm when prone.
 buccinator muscleThe BuccinatorMuscle compress cheeks against teeth (Tooth) (blowing), mastication (Chewing).
 bulbospongiosus muscleThe BulbospongiosusMuscle empties Urethra (men) clenches Vagina (women).
 chondroglossus muscleThe ChondroglossusMuscle depresses Tongue (some consider this muscle to be part of hyoglossus).
 coccygeus muscleThe CoccygeusMuscle closes back part of pelvic outlet.
 coracobrachialis muscleThe CoracobrachialisMuscle performs Flexion of and adducts Shoulder.
 corrugator supercilii muscleThe CorrugatorSuperciliiMuscle moves skin of Forehead medially and inferiorly (towards root of Nose).
 lateral muscleThe CricoarytenoidLateralMuscle adducts and medially rotates cartilage, pulling vocal ligaments towards midline and backwards and so closing rima glottidis.
 posterior muscleThe CricoarytenoidPosteriorMuscle abducts and laterally rotates cartilage, pulling vocal ligaments away from midline and forward and so opening rima glottidis.
 cricothyroid muscleThe CricothyroidMuscle tenses and elongates vocal folds (has minor adductory effect).
 deep transverse perineal muscleThe DeepTransversePerinealMuscleMuscle constricts urethra (maintains urinary continence), constricts Vagina (women).
 deltoid muscleThe DeltoidMuscle abducts, performs Flexion of, and extends Shoulder.
 depressor angula oris muscledepresses angle of mouth (smile)
 depressor labii inferioris muscleThe DepressorLabiiInferiorisMuscle depresses lower Lip.
 depressor septi nasi muscleThe DepressorSeptiNasiMuscle depresses nasal septum.
 depressor supercilii muscleThe DepressorSuperciliiMuscle moves skin of Eyebrows inferiorly.
 diaphragm muscleThe DiaphragmMuscle performs Breathing.
 digastric muscleThe DigastricMuscle opens Jaw when masseter and temporalis are relaxed.
 dorsal interossei muscleThe DorsalInterosseiMuscle abducts Toes.
 dorsal interossei of foot muscleThe DorsalInterosseiOfFootMuscle abducts Toes.
 quadratus lumborum muscleThe ErectorSpinaeMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: laterally flexes vertebral column to same side
 extensor carpi radialis brevis muscleThe ExtensorCarpiRadialisBrevisMuscle extends Wrist BodyJoint, abducts Hand at Wrist.
 extensor carpi radialis longus muscleThe ExtensorCarpiRadialisLongusMuscle extends Wrist BodyJoint, abducts Hand at Wrist.
 extensor carpi ulnaris muscleThe ExtensorCarpiUlnarisMuscle extends and adducts Wrist.
 extensor digiti minimi muscleThe ExtensorDigitiMinimiMuscle extends little Finger at all BodyJoints.
 extensor digitorum brevisThe ExtensorDigitorumBrevisMuscle extends digits 2, 3, and 4.
 extensor digitorum longus muscleThe ExtensorDigitorumLongusMuscle Extension of Toes and Ankle.
 extensor digitorum muscleThe ExtensorDigitorumMuscle extends Hand, extends Fingers.
 extensor hallucis brevis muscleThe ExtensorHallucisBrevisMuscle extends big Toe.
 extensor hallucis longus muscleThe ExtensorHallucisLongusMuscle extends big Toe, assists in dorsiflexion of Foot at Ankle, weakly inverts Foot.
 extensor indicis muscleThe ExtensorIndicisMuscle extends index Finger, Wrist.
 extensor pollicis brevis muscleThe ExtensorPollicisBrevisMuscle extends Thumb at metacarpophalangeal BodyJoint.
 extensor pollicis longus muscleThe ExtensorPollicisLongusMuscle extends Thumb (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal).
 external intercostals muscleThe ExternalIntercostalsMuscle controls inhalation.
 external oblique muscleThe ExternalObliqueMuscle bilateral: flexes trunk, expiration, compresses abdominal organs unilateral: flexes trunk to same side, rotates trunk to opposite side
 fibularis brevis muscleThe FibularisBrevisMuscle plantarflexes and everts Ankle.
 fibularis longus muscleThe FibularisLongusMuscle plantarflexes and everts Ankle.
 fibularis tertius muscleThe FibularisTertiusMuscle dorsi flexes and everts Foot.
 finger dorsal interossei muscleThe FingerDorsalInterosseiMuscle abduct Fingers.
 finger flexor digiti minimi brevis muscleThe FingerFlexorDigitiMinimiBrevisMuscle performs Flexion of little Finger.
 flexor carpi radialis muscleThe FlexorCarpiRadialisMuscle performs Flexion of and abducts Wrist.
 flexor carpi ulnaris muscleThe FlexorCarpiUlnarisMuscle performs Flexion of and adducts Wrist.
 flexor digiti minimi brevis muscleThe FlexorDigitiMinimiBrevisMuscle extends and adducts fifth Toe.
 flexor digitorum brevis muscleThe FlexorDigitorumBrevisMuscle performs Flexion of lateral four Toes.
 flexor digitorum longus muscleThe FlexorDigitorumLongusMuscle performs Flexion of Toes.
 flexor digitorum profundus muscleThe FlexorDigitorumProfundusMuscle flexes wrist, flexes interphalangeal joints.
 flexor digitorum superficialis muscleThe FlexorDigitorumSuperficialisMuscle performs Flexion of Fingers (primarily at proximal interphalangeal BodyJoints).
 flexor hallucis brevis muscleThe FlexorHallucisBrevisMuscle flexes big Toe.
 flexor hallucis longus muscleThe FlexorHallucisLongusMuscle performs Flexion of all BodyJoints of big Toe, plantarflexes Ankle.
 flexor pollicis brevis muscleThe FlexorPollicisBrevisMuscle performs Flexion of Thumb.
 flexor pollicis longus muscleThe FlexorPollicisLongusMuscle performs Flexion of Thumb.
 frontalis muscleThe FrontalisMuscle wrinkles Eyebrow.
 gastrocnemius muscleThe GastrocnemiusMuscle plantarflexes Ankle, performs Flexion of Knee (minor).
 hyoglossus muscleThe GenioglossusMuscle inferior fibers: protrudes tongue middle fibers: depresses tongue, superior fibers: draws tip of tongue back and down.
 geniohyoid muscleThe GeniohyoidMuscle elevates HyoidBone and Tongue upward during swallowing.
 gluteus maximus muscleThe GluteusMaximusMuscle externally rotates and extends HipJoint BodyJoint, supports extended Knee through iliotibial tract, chief antigravity muscle in sitting.
 gluteus medius muscleThe GluteusMediusMuscle abduction of HipJoint; preventing adduction of HipJoint Medial rotation of thigh.
 gluteus minimus muscle
 gracilis muscleThe GracilisMuscle adducts HipJoint, performs Flexion of HipJoint, medially rotates Knee[11].
 hamAny of the three Muscles at the back of and working in opposition to the ThighMuscle.
 hyoglossus muscleThe HyoglossusMuscle depresses Tongue.
 iliacus muscleThe IliacusMuscle performs Flexion of HipJoint[8].
 IliocostalisMuscleThe IliocostalisMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: laterally flexes vertebral column to same side
 iliopsoas muscleThe IliopsoasMuscle performs Flexion of HipJoint (psoas major/minor, iliacus), spine rotation (psoas major/minor).
 inferior gemellus muscleThe InferiorGemellusMuscle laterally rotates thigh.
 inferior longitudinal muscleThe InferiorLongitudinalMuscle shortens Tongue, retracts, pulls tip downward.
 inferior oblique muscleThe InferiorMuscle extorts, elevates, and abducts eye.
 inferior rectus muscleThe InferiorMuscle depresses and adducts eye.
 infraspinatus muscleThe InfraspinatusMuscle laterally rotates, adducts, and stabilises humerus.
 innermost intercostals muscleThe InnermostIntercostalsMuscle elevates Ribs, expiration (Exhaling).
 intercostals muscle
 internal intercostals muscleThe InternalIntercostalsMuscle holds Ribs steady.
 internal oblique muscleThe InternalObliqueMuscle bilateral: flexes trunk, expiration, compresses abdominal organs unilateral: flexes trunk to same side, rotates trunk to opposite side
 interspinales muscleThe InterspinalesMuscle extends, performs Flexion of, and rotates the SpinalColumn.
 intertransversarii muscleThe IntertransversariiMuscle laterally performs Flexion of the trunk.
 involuntary muscleA Muscle that is not under the conscious control of the Animal, such as the Muscles of the Heart.
 ischiocavernosus muscleThe IschiocavernosusMuscle assists bulbospongiosus.
 lateral rectus muscleThe LateralMuscle abducts eye.
 lateral rotator group muscleThe LateralRotatorGroupMuscle laterally rotates HipJoint.
 latissimus dorsi muscleThe LatissimusDorsiMuscle pulls forelimb dorsally and caudally.
 levator angula oris muscleelevates angle of mouth (smile)
 levator ani iliococcygeus muscleThe LevatorAniIliococcygeusMuscle supports organs in pelvic cavity.
 levatores costarum muscleThe LevatoresCostarumMuscle assists in elevation of thoracic Rib cage.
 levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscleThe LevatorLabiiSuperiorisAlaequeNasiMuscle dilates nostril, elevates upper Lip, elevates wing of Nose.
 levator labii superioris muscleThe LevatorLabiiSuperiorisMuscle elevates upper Lip.
 levator palpebrae superioris muscleThe LevatorPalpebraeSuperiorisMuscle retracts and elevates the Eyelid.
 levator scapulae muscleThe LevatorScapulaeMuscle elevates ScapulaBone, tilts glenoid cavity inferiorly by rotating ScapulaBone.
 levator veli palatini muscleThe LevatorVeliPalatiniMuscle elevates soft palate.
 longissimus capitis muscleThe LongissimusCapitisMuscle laterally: flexes head and neck to same side, bilaterally: extends vertebral column.
 longissimus muscleThe LongissimusMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: laterally flexes vertebral column to same side
 longus capitis muscleThe LongusCapitisMuscle performs Flexion of Neck at atlanto-occipital BodyJoint.
 longus colli muscleThe LongusColliMuscle performs Flexion of Neck and Head.
 lumbrical muscleThe LumbricalMuscle flex metacarpophalangeal BodyJoints, extend interphalangeal BodyJoints.
 lumbricals muscleThe LumbricalsMuscle maintain Extension of digits at interphalangeal BodyJoints.
 masseter muscleThe MasseterMuscle elevates and retracts mandible (closes Mouth).
 medial rectus muscleThe MedialMuscle adducts eye.
 mentalis muscleThe MentalisMuscle elevates and wrinkles skin of Chin, protrudes lower Lip.
 multifidus muscleThe MultifidusMuscle stabilizes Vertebrae in local movements of the SpinalColumn.
 mylohyoid muscleThe MylohyoidMuscle raises oral cavity floor, elevates HyoidBone, depresses mandible.
 obliquus capitis inferior muscleThe ObliquusCapitisInferiorMuscle rotates Neck.
 obliquus capitis superior muscleThe ObliquusCapitisSuperiorMuscle performs Flexion of Head to same side.
 obturator externus muscleThe ObturatorExternusMuscle adduct thigh, rotate laterally thigh.
 obturator internus muscleThe ObturatorInternusMuscle abducts & rotates laterally thigh, stabilises HipJoint during walking.
 occipitalis muscleThe OccipitalisMuscle retracts scalp.
 occipitofrontalisThe OccipitofrontalisMuscle raises Eyebrows. The occipitofrontalis muscle (epicranius muscle) is a Muscle which covers parts of the skull. It consists of two parts or bellies: the occipital belly, near the occipital bone, and the frontal belly, near the frontal bone. It is supplied by the SupraorbitalArtery, the supratrochlear artery, and the occipital artery. It is innervated by the facial nerve. In humans, the occipitofrontalis helps to create facial expressions.[from Wikipedia]
 omohyoid muscleThe OmohyoidMuscle depresses larynx, depresses and moves to side HyoidBone.
 opponens digiti minimi muscleThe OpponensDigitiMinimiMuscle draws 5th metacarpal anteriorly and rotates it, bringing little Finger (5th digit) into opposition with Thumb.
 opponens pollicis muscleThe OpponensPollicisMuscle opposes Thumb.
 orbicularis oculi muscleThe OrbicularisOculiMuscle closes the Eyelid.
 orbicularis oris muscleThe OrbicularisOrisMuscle puckers Lips.
 palatine uvula muscleThe PalatineUvulaMuscle moves and changes shape of uvula.
 palatoglossus muscleThe PalatoglossusMuscle aids in Breathing by raising back part of Tongue.
 palatopharyngeus muscleThe PalatopharyngeusMuscle aids in Breathing by pulling pharynx and larynx.
 palmar interossei muscleThe PalmarInterosseiMuscle adduct Fingers.
 palmaris brevis muscleThe PalmarisBrevisMuscle wrinkle skin of palm.
 palmaris longus muscleThe PalmarisLongusMuscle performs Flexion of Wrist.
 pectineus muscleThe PectineusMuscle performs Flexion of and adducts HipJoint[11].
 pectoralis major
 pectoralis major muscleThe PectoralisMajorMuscle adducts and medially rotates humerus, draws ScapulaBone anteriorly and inferiorly clavicular head: performs Flexion of humerus sternocostal head: extends humerus.
 pectoralis minor muscleThe PectoralisMinorMuscle stabilizes ScapulaBone by drawing it inferiorly and anteriorly against thoracic wall.
 pharyngeal inferior muscleThe PharyngealInferiorMuscle swallowing.
 pharyngeal middle muscle muscleThe PharyngealMiddleMuscle swallowing.
 pharyngeal superior muscleThe PharyngealSuperiorMuscle swallowing.
 piriformis muscleThe PiriformisMuscle laterally rotates (outward) thigh.
 plantar interossei muscleThe PlantarInterosseiMuscle adducts Toes 3 - 5, strengthens transverse arch.
 plantaris muscleThe PlantarisMuscle plantarflexes Ankle, performs Flexion of Knee.
 platysma muscleThe PlatysmaMuscle tenses skin of Neck.
 popliteus muscleThe PopliteusMuscle medially rotates and performs Flexion of Knee.
 procerus muscleThe ProcerusMuscleMuscle draws down medial angle of Eyebrow (giving expressions of frowning).
 pronator quadratus muscleThe PronatorQuadratusMuscle weakly pronates forearm.
 pronator teres muscleThe PronatorTeresMuscle pronates forearm, flexes elbow.
 psoas major muscleThe PsoasMajorMuscle performs Flexion of and rotates laterally thigh.
 psoas minor muscleThe PsoasMinorMuscle weakly performs Flexion of trunk flexor.
 pterygoid lateral muscleThe LateralMuscle depresses mandible (opens Mouth).
 pterygoid medial muscleThe PterygoidMedialMuscle elevates mandible, closes Jaw, helps lateral pterygoid in moving jaw from side to side.
 levator ani puborectalis muscleThe PuborectalisMuscle inhibits defecation.
 pyramidalis muscleThe PyramidalisMuscle tenses linea alba.
 quadratus femoris muscle
 quadratus lumborum muscleThe QuadratusLumborumMuscle bilateral: fixes rib 12 during inspiration, extends trunk unilateral: flexes trunk to same side.
 quadratus plantae muscleThe QuadratusPlantaeMuscle performs Flexion of distal interphalangeal BodyJoints (assists flexor digitorum longus).
 quadriceps femoris muscleThe QuadricepsFemorisMuscle extends Knee, performs Flexion of HipJoint (rectus femoris only).
 rectus abdominis muscleThe RectusAbdominisMuscle performs Flexion of the trunk, compresses abdominal Organs, aids in expiration (Exhaling).
 rectus capitis anterior muscle
 rectus capitis lateralis muscleThe RectusCapitisLateralisMuscle side bends at atlanto-occipital BodyJoint.
 rectus capitis posterior major muscleThe RectusCapitisPosteriorMajorMuscle rotates and extends the Head to same side.
 rectus capitis posterior minor muscleThe RectusCapitisPosteriorMinorMuscle sensory Organ for Neck position, also extends Head at the Neck.
 rectus femoris muscleThe RectusFemorisMuscle Knee Extension; HipJoint flexion.
 rhomboid major muscleThe RhomboidMajorMuscle retracts ScapulaBone and rotates it to depress glenoid cavity, fixes ScapulaBone to thoracic wall.
 rhomboid minor muscleThe RhomboidMinorMuscle retracts ScapulaBone and rotates it to depress glenoid cavity, fixes ScapulaBone to thoracic wall.
 rhomboids muscleThe RhomboidsMuscle retracts ScapulaBone and rotates it to depress glenoid cavity, fixes ScapulaBone to thoracic wall.
 risorius muscleThe RisoriusMuscle draw back angle of Mouth.
 rotatores muscle
 salpingopharyngeus muscleThe SalpingopharyngeusMuscle raises nasopharynx.
 sartorius muscleThe SartoriusMuscle performs Flexion of , laterally rotates, and abducts thigh, performs Flexion of and medially rotates Leg.
 scalene anterior muscleThe ScaleneAnteriorMuscle when Neck is fixed, elevates first Rib to aid in Breathing; when a Rib is fixed, bends the Neck forward and sideways and rotates it to opposite side.
 scalene medius muscleThe ScaleneMediusMuscle elevates first Rib, rotates the Neck to opposite side.
 scalene muscleThe ScaleneMuscle elevates first Rib and second Rib.
 scalene posterior muscleThe PosteriorMuscle elevates second Rib, tilts Neck to same side.
 semimembranosus muscleThe SemimembranosusMuscle performs Flexion of Knee, extends HipJoint, medially rotates Leg at Knee[10].
 semispinalis capitis muscleThe SemispinalisCapitisMuscle extends the Head.
 semispinalis cervicis muscleThe SemispinalisCervicisMuscle ...
 semispinalis thoracis muscleThe SemispinalisThoracisMuscle ...
 semitendinosus muscleThe SemitendinosusMuscle performs Flexion of Knee, extends HipJoint, medially rotates Leg at Knee[10].
 serratus anterior muscleThe SerratusAnteriorMuscle protracts and stabilises scapula, assists in upward rotation.
 serratus posterior inferior muscleThe SerratusPosteriorInferiorMuscle depresses lower Ribs, aiding in expiration (Exhaling).
 serratus posterior superior muscleThe SerratusPosteriorSuperiorMuscle elevates Ribs, aiding in inspiration.
 shin muscle
 soleus muscleThe SoleusMuscle plantarflexes Ankle.
 sphincter ani externus muscleThe SphincterAniExternusMuscle keeps anal canal and anus closed, aids in expulsion of feces.
 sphincter ani internus muscleThe SphincterAniInternusMuscle keeps anal canal and anus closed, aids in expulsion of feces.
 sphincter urethrae membranaceae muscleThe SphincterUrethraeMembranaceaeMuscle constricts urethra, maintains urinary continence.
 spinalis muscleThe SpinalisMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: laterally flexes vertebral column to same side
 splenius capitis muscleThe SpleniusCapitisMuscle extends, rotates, and laterally flexes the Head.
 splenius cervicis muscleThe SpleniusCervicisMuscle ...
 stapedius muscleThe StapediusMuscle reduces movement of stapes, controls amplitude of sound waves to inner ear.
 sternocleidomastoid muscleThe SternocleidomastoidMuscle acting alone: tilts Head to its own side, rotates Head so Face is turned towards opposite side, acting together: flexes Neck, raises Sternum, assists in forced inspiration.
 sternohyoid muscleThe SternohyoidMuscle depresses HyoidBone.
 sternothyroid muscleThe SternothyroidMuscle depresses larynx, may slightly depress HyoidBone.
 styloglossus muscleThe StyloglossusMuscle elevates and retracts Tongue.
 stylohyoid muscleThe StylohyoidMuscle elevates HyoidBone during swallowing.
 stylopharyngeus muscleThe StylopharyngeusMuscle elevates larynx, elevates pharynx, swallowing.
 subclavius muscleThe SubclaviusMuscle depresses clavicle.
 subcostales muscle
 subscapularis muscleThe SubscapularisMuscle medially rotates humerus, stabilizes Shoulder.
 superficial transverse perineal muscleThe SuperficialTransversePerinealMuscle constricts Urethra (maintains urinary continence), constricts Vagina (women).
 superior gemellus muscle
 superior longitudinal muscleThe SuperiorLongitudinalMuscle shortens Tongue, turns tip upward, turns lateral margins upward.
 superior oblique muscleThe SuperiorMuscle intorts, abducts, and depress eye.
 superior rectus muscleThe SuperiorMuscle elevates, adducts, and medially rotates eye.
 superior tarsal muscleThe SuperiorTarsalMuscle raises upper eyelid.
 supinator muscleThe SupinatorMuscle supinates forearm.
 supraspinatus muscleThe SupraspinatusMuscle abducts and stabilises humerus.
 temporalis muscleThe TemporalisMuscle elevates and retracts mandible (closes Mouth).
 temporoparietalis muscle
 tensor fasciae latae muscleThe TensorFasciaeLataeMuscle performs Flexion of thigh, medially rotates thigh, stabilises torso.
 tensor tympani muscleThe TensorTympaniMuscle tenses tympanic membrane, controls amplitude of sound waves to inner ear.
 tensor veli palatini muscleThe TensorVeliPalatiniMuscle tenses soft palate, aids in swallowing.
 teres major muscleThe TeresMajorMuscle internally rotates humerus.
 teres minor muscleThe TeresMinorMuscle laterally rotates and adducts humerus.
 thyroarytenoid muscleThe ThyroarytenoidMuscle thickens and decreases length of vocal folds, adducts during speech.
 thyrohyoid muscleThe ThyrohyoidMuscle depress HyoidBone.
 tibialis anterior muscleThe TibialisAnteriorMuscle dorsiflexes and inverts Foot.
 tibialis posterior muscleThe TibialisPosteriorMuscle inverts Foot, plantarflexes Foot at Ankle.
 transverse part compressor naris musclecompresses nostrils
 transversospinales muscleThe TransversospinalesMuscle bilateral: extends vertebral column unilateral: rotates vertebral column.
 transversus abdominis muscleThe TransversusAbdominis bilateral: compresses abdominal organs, expiration unilateral: rotates trunk to same side
 transversus muscleThe TransversusMuscle narrows Tongue with no elongation.
 transversus thoracis muscleThe TransversusThoracisMuscle depresses Ribs.
 trapezius muscleThe TrapeziusMuscle retracts and elevates scapula.
 triceps brachii muscleThe TricepsBrachiiMuscle extends forearm long head: adducts shoulder medial head: does not function at shoulder.
 triceps surae muscleThe TricepsSuraeMuscle plantarflexes Ankle.
 vastus intermedius muscleThe VastusIntermediusMuscle extends Knee.
 vastus lateralis muscleThe VastusLateralisMuscle extends Knee.
 vastus medialis muscleThe VastusMedialisMuscle extends Knee.
 verticalis muscle
 voluntary muscleA Muscle that is under the conscious control of the Animal, such as the ThighMuscle or DeltoidMuscle.
 zygomatic major muscleThe ZygomaticMajorMuscle draws angle of Mouth upward and laterally.
 zygomatic minor muscle

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