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Sigma KEE - ElectricDevice

electric device
A Device that uses Electricity as its primary power source.
Parents device A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of Process.
Children accelerometerA type of ElectricDevice used to measure acceleration.
 air conditionerAirConditioner is a type of ElectricDevice that is designed to provide comfort during hot or cold weather by keeping the air in an area a specific temperature
 batteryBattery is a subclass of Device. Batteries are devices that use chemical means to store or produce electrical power.
 capacitor elementAn AcrossVariableAccumulator from electrical energy domain.
 chargerAn ElectricDevice that is the instrument of Charging
 computerA general-purpose machine that processes data according to a set of instructions that are stored internally either temporarily or permanently.
 device power supplyAn ElectricDevice designed to take standard alternating current home wall outlet power and converter to direct current at a lower voltage, to match the needs of a particular Device or class of devices such as a kitchen appliance or a Computer.
 electrical circuitA complex ElectricDevice consisting of several mutually interconnected electrical components.
 electrical componentA discrete ElectricDevice for general usage, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc.
 electrical motorAn electrical motor.
 coffee makerElectricCoffeeMaker is a Device that makes Coffee
 electric light fixture
 electric motorElectricMotor is the subclass of Engines that produce mechanical power from electricity.
 electric speaker deviceA combination SpeakerDevice and ElectricDevice.
 electrified railway carElectrifiedRailwayCar is the subclass of railway cars that are powered by electricity, which is provided to the car through an overhead link or electrified third rail.
 electromagnetA Magnet that is created by sending Electricity through coils of Wire that are wound around a ferromagnetic core.
 ironAn iron is a small appliance used in %&Ironing to remove wrinkles from %&Fabric.
 fax machineA FaxMachine is a TelephonyDevice that scans a paper page and transmits a coded image of the page over a TelephoneSystem to a receiving FaxMachine, which decodes the coded and image and prints a replica of the original. A typical FaxMachine is made up of a scanner, a printer, a modem, and a control panel with some sort of status display.
 hair dryerHairDryer is a type of DryingDevice used specifically for Drying Hair
 inductor elementA ThroughVariableAccumulator from electrical energy domain.
 microphoneA CommunicationDevice that converts sound into electrical energy.
 microwaveMicrowave is an ElectricDevice that heats food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it
 photocopierAn ElectricDevice designed for Making a two dimensional representation of an Object or a copy of a TwoDimensionalObject. Note that it is not necessarily used for Copying because it doesn't preserve all the Attributes of the original.
 radarAn ElectricDevice that emits and receives microwave radiation for the purpose of locating and tracking distant objects.
 receiver deviceAn ElectricDevice that is capable of receiving and decoding RadioEmissions, e.g. Radios and Televisions.
 refrigeratorThe intersection of Containers and ElectricDevices in which the temperature is reduced from that of the outside air by a Cooling process.
 resistor elementAn ElectricalComponent that resists the flow of electrical current. A Dissipator from electrical energy domain.
 security alarmA SecurityDevice that detects intrusions to a StationaryArtifact and issues a warning of some sort.
 soldering ironAn ElectricDevice for melting Solder and thereby Attaching metallic objects to one another.
 solenoidA Device that uses an Electromagnet to actuate an arm or shaft to perform some function.
 speakerSpeakerDevice is a type of device that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance
 statorStationary part of a motor or generator in or around which the rotor revolves.
 telegraphA Device that permits LinguisticCommunication between remote points by means of a code of aural dots and dashes that can be converted into letters of an alphabet.
 telephoneA Telephone is a CommunicationDevice that enables LinguisticCommunication between nodes in a TelephoneSystem by converting sound into electrical signals that are then transmitted. When the signals are received, they are converted back into sound.
 telephony deviceA TelephonyDevice is a CommunicationDevice that, when connected to a TelephoneSystem, functions as an access point allowing end users (Humans or other Agents, such as autonomous/scheduled ComputerPrograms) to send or receive signals via the system. Telephones and FaxMachines are TelephonyDevices. A given Computer may or may not function as a TelephonyDevice, depending on the ComputerPrograms it runs and the ComputerComponents that are part of it.
 television setTelevisionSet is an ElectricDevice comprised of a TelevisionReceiver and some form of VideoDisplay and is part of a TelevisionSystem
 video cameraA Camera for taking video images.
 video displayVideoDisplay is a type of ElectricDevice that can RadiatingLight to show VideoRecording

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