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traverses TwoFactorLoggingIn
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TuteloLanguage (tutelo language) totalLandBoundary (total land boundary)
TutorialCategory (tutorial category) totalLengthOfHighwaySystem (total length of highway system)
Tuvalu (tuvalu) totalLengthOfRailwaySystem (total length of railway system)
TuvaluDollar (tuvalu dollar) totalLengthOfWaterways (total length of waterways)
TuxaLanguage (tuxa language) totalOrderingOn (total ordering on)
Tweeting (Tweeting) totalPipelineInArea (total pipeline in area)
TwelveApostles (TwelveApostles) totalPrecipitationForPeriod (total precipitation for period)
TwentsLanguage (twents language) trackWidth (track width)
TwiLanguage (TwiLanguage) trafficableForTrafficType (trafficable for traffic type)
TwoCylinderEngine (two cylinder engine) transactionAmount (transaction amount)
TwoDWindowScrolling (TwoDWindowScrolling) transformerCapacity (transformer capacity)
TwoDimensionalAngle (two dimensional angle) transitwayCapacityCount (transitway capacity count)
TwoDimensionalFigure (two dimensional figure) transitwayCapacityRate (transitway capacity rate)
TwoDimensionalObject (two dimensional object) translatedTitle (translatedTitle)
TwoFactorAuthentication (two-factor authentication) transported (transported)
Traverses twoFactorLoggingIn
TwoFactorLoggingIn (two-factor login) traverses (traverses)
TwoStrokeCompression (two stroke compression) treatedPage (treated page)
TwoStrokeEngine (two stroke engine) treatedPageDefinition (treated page definition)
TwoStrokeEngineCycle (two stroke engine cycle) treatedUser (treatedUser)
TwoStrokeIntake (two stroke intake) treatmentGroup (treatment group)
TwoStrokeTransfer (two stroke transfer) tributary (tributary)
TwoTierLaborMarketEconomy (two tier labor market economy) trichotomizingOn (trichotomizing on)
TwoWheelDrive (two wheel drive) trustedDevice (trusted device)
TwoWheelDriveVehicle (four wheel drive) trusts (trusts)
Twopole (twopole) truth (truth)
Twoport (twoport) typicalAction (typicalAction)
Tying (tying) typicalPart (typical part)
TyphoidFever (typhoid fever) typicalTemporalPart (typicalTemporalPart)
Typhoon (typhoon) typicallyContainsPart (typically contains part)
Typing (Typing) typicallyContainsTemporalPart (typicallyContainsTemporalPart)
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