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onOrientation Objected
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NynorskNorwegianLanguage (NynorskNorwegianLanguage) numberOfCustomers (numberOfCustomers)
OCOOrder (OCO order) numberOfFloors (number of floors)
OHPTransparency (OHPTransparency) numberSeniorOccupant (number of senior occupants)
OPLAN (OPLAN) objectAttached (attached)
ORing (ORing) objectDetached (detached)
OakWood (oak wood) objectGeographicCoordinates (object geographic coordinates)
Oar (oar) objectOfBid (object of bidding)
Oasis (oasis) objectTransferred (objectTransferred)
OatFarming (oat farming) observedAtTimeInPlace (observed at time in place)
OatGrain (oat grain) observesHoliday (observesHoliday)
OberwartAustria (oberwart austria) occupation (occupation)
ObispenoLanguage (obispeno language) occupiesPosition (occupies position)
Object (object) offers (offers)
Object-AbstractionLevel (object- abstraction level) offersAtTime (offersAtTime)
ObjectAttitude (object attitude) older (older)
OnOrientation objected
ObjectiveNorm (objective norm) onOrientation (on orientation)
Obligation (obligation) onboard (onboard)
ObliqueAngle (oblique angle) operator (operator)
Oboe (Oboe) oppositeDirection (opposite direction)
ObservationAndMonitoring (observation and monitoring) optionHolder (option holder)
ObserverStatus (observer status) optionSeller (option seller)
OcLanguage (oc language) or (or)
OcainaGroupLanguage (ocaina group language) orbits (orbits)
OcainaLanguage (ocaina language) orderFor (order for)
OccipitalLobes (occipital lobes) orgStaff (organization staff)
OccludedFront (occluded front) organizationName (organizationName)
OccupationFn (occupation) organizationProductType (organization product type)
OccupationalDomain (OccupationalDomain) organizationServiceType (organization service type)
OccupationalRole (occupational role) organizationalObjective (organizational objective)
OccupationalTrade (occupational trade) orientation (orientation)
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