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hasSkill HairRemoval
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Gyrator (gyrator) guiElementUncovered (guiElementUncovered)
HIVVirus (HIV virus) habitatOfOrganism (habitatOfOrganism)
HMOMedicalCenters (HMO medical centers) half (half)
HNMilitaryAssistance (host nation military assistance) hardwareType (hardware type)
HSPANetwork (HSPA Network) hasAccount (has account)
Haboob (Haboob) hasAcrossVariable (has across variable)
HaderaIsrael (hadera israel) hasAward (has award)
Hafnium (hafnium) hasDependency (has dependency)
HaifaIsrael (haifa israel) hasDimension (has dimension)
Hailing (hailing) hasExpertise (has expertise)
Hailstone (hailstone) hasGUEState (hasGUEState)
HaiphongSignLanguage (haiphong sign language) hasMolecularStructuralAttribute (has molecular structural attribute)
Hair (hair) hasOccupation (has occupation)
HairDryer (hair dryer) hasPurpose (has purpose)
HairNailAndSkinCareServices (hair nail and skin care services) hasPurposeForAgent (has purpose for agent)
HasSkill hairRemoval
HairRemoval (hair removal) hasSkill (has skill)
HaislaLanguage (haisla language) hasThroughVariable (has through variable)
Haiti (haiti) hasUniform (has uniform)
HaitianCreoleFrenchLanguage (haitian creole french language) hasVariable (has variable)
HaitianCuisine (Haitian Cuisine) havePartTypes (havePartTypes)
HaitianGourde (haitian gourde) hazardous (hazardous)
HaitianVodounCultureLanguage (haitian vodoun culture language) headOfGovernment (head of government)
Hajj (hajj) headingWRTCompassNorth (headingWRT compass north)
HalfBoard (half board) headingWRTMagneticNorth (headingWRT magnetic north)
HalfMarathon (half-marathon) headingWRTTrueNorth (headingWRT true north)
HalfWaveSinglePhaseRectifier (half wave single phase rectifier) headquartersOfOrganization (headquarters of organization)
Hallucinating (Hallucinating) heartRate (heartRate)
Hallucination (Hallucination) height (height)
Hallucinogen (hallucinogen) highAltitudeWindSpeed (high altitude wind speed)
Hallway (hallway) highAltitudeWindVelocity (high altitude wind velocity)
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