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Luxembourg (luxembourg) localShortName (local short name)
LuxembourgFranc (luxembourg franc) located (located)
LuxembourgeoisLanguage (luxembourgeois language) locatedAtTime (located at time)
LuxorEgypt (luxor egypt) locationMeasuringList (location measuring list)
LyingDown (lying down) loggedInDuring (logged-in during)
LymeDisease (Lyme disease) losesControl (loses control)
LymphNode (lymph node) loss (loss)
Lynching (lynching) loudness (loudness)
LyonCuisine (Lyon Cuisine) lowAltitudeWindSpeed (low altitude wind speed)
LyonsFrance (lyons france) lowAltitudeWindVelocity (low altitude wind velocity)
LyonsSignLanguage (lyons sign language) lowTide (low tide)
Lyrica (Lyrica) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncome (lowest decile share of household income)
LyricalComponentFn (lyrical component function) lowestDecileShareOfHouseholdIncomeInPeriod (lowest decile share of household income in period)
LyricalContent (lyrical content) lowestTemperatureForPeriod (lowest temperature for period)
Lyrics (lyrics) lyricist (lyricist)
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M197GatlingGun (M197 Gatling gun) magneticVariation (magnetic variation)
M240 (M240 machine gun) managedBy (managed by)
M242 (M-242 Bushmaster) manner (manner)
M2Browning (M2 Browning machine gun) manufacturer (manufacturer)
M3M (M3M machine gun) mapOfArea (map of area)
M60 (M60 machine gun) marginBalanceAmount (margin balance amount)
MK19 (MK19 grenade launcher) marineInventory (marine inventory)
MNHOrder (MNH order) maritimeClaimType (maritime claim type)
MOCOrder (MOC order) maritimeHazard (maritime hazard)
MRSA (MRSA) marketValueAmount (market value amount)
MUSFile (MUS file) material (material)
MaAlehMichmashWestBank (ma aleh michmash west bank) maternalAunt (maternal aunt)
MacOS (Mac OS) maternalUncle (maternal uncle)
MacOSCatalina (macOS 10.15) maturityDate (maturity date)
MacOSHighSierra (macOS 10.13) maxCardinality (max cardinality)
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