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() ZumaiaSpain (zumaia spain)
() ZumarragaSpain (zumarraga spain)
() Zumba (Zumba)
() ZuniLanguage (zuni language)
() ZvornikBosniaAndHerzegovina (zvornik bosnia and herzegovina)
() Zyban (Zyban)
() ZygomaticBone (ZygomaticBone)
-1 (-1) ZygomaticBoneInRegionOfZygomaticomaxillarySuture (ZygomaticBoneInRegionOfZygomaticomaxillarySuture)
-10 (-10) ZygomaticBranchArtery (zygomatic branch artery)
-3.0 (-3.0) ZygomaticBranchOfFacialNerveCNVII (zygomatic branch of facial nerve [CNVII])
-6 (-6) ZygomaticMajorMuscle (zygomatic major muscle)
-7235.0 (-7235.0) ZygomaticMinorMuscle (zygomatic minor muscle)
.5 (.5) ZygomaticMinorMuscleZygomaticMinorMuscle (ZygomaticMinorMuscleZygomaticMinorMuscle)
<=> (<=>) Zygote (zygote)
=> (=>) Zyrtec (Zyrtec)
A* a*
AAA-Rating (AAA-rating) abbreviatedDisplayTitle (abbreviated display title)
AAM (air-to-air missile) abbreviation (abbreviation)
AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicle) absoluteHeight (absolute height)
ABPFn (average buying price) absorbedDose (absorbed dose)
ABTest (A/B test) abstractCounterpart (abstract counterpart)
ABranchOfDorsalPrimaryDivisionOfSuboccipitalNerve (a branch of dorsal primary division of suboccipital nerve) abstractPart (part)
ACPowerSource (ac power source) abstractionLevel (abstraction level)
ADHD (ADHD) accessibleFromMenu (accessible from menu)
AGM (AGM missile) accessibleFromMenuItem (accessible from menu item)
AGM114 (AGM-114 Hellfire missile) accommodationProvider (accommodations provider)
AGM65 (AGM-65 Maverick missile) accountAt (account at)
AH1 (AH-1 Cobra) accountAtSite (account at site)
AIM9 (AIM-9 Sidewinder missile) accountHolder (account holder)
AMEV (AMEV) accountInformation (account information)
AMFMAlarmClock (am / fm alarm clock) accountNumber (account number)
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