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Sigma KEE - CommunicationDevice

communication device
A CommunicationDevice is a Device which serves at the instrument in a Communication Process by allowing the communicated message to be conveyed between the participants.
Parents engineering component A fundamental concept that applies in many engineering domains. An EngineeringComponent is an element of a Device that is a physically whole object, such as one might see listed as standard parts in a catalog. The main difference betweeen EngineeringComponents and arbitrary globs of matter is that EngineeringComponents are object-like in a modeling sense. Thus, an EngineeringComponent is not an arbtrary subregion, but a part of a system with a stable identity.
Children antennaA CommunicationDevice which enables or improves the reception of RadioEmissions by another CommunicationDevice (the radio or television receiver).
 broadcasting stationA BroadcastingStation is an engineeringSubcomponent of either a TelevisionSystem or a RadioStation.
 communication radioRelatively low power broadcasting devices designed for voice communication among specialized groups in which each receiver also has the power to transmit, unlike broadcast radio where most components transmitting or receiving on a given frequency or set of frequencies are receivers only. This includes unlicensed walkie-talkies, public safety radios, military communication systems and CB radios.
 communications satelliteA CommunicationSatellite is an ArtificialSatellite that serves as one engineeringSubcomponent of a CommunicationSystem.
 DataDisplayDeviceAn instance of DataDisplayDevice is a Device intended to be used to display data information in some visual form (e.g., Images or visible LinguisticExpressions).
 fax machineA FaxMachine is a TelephonyDevice that scans a paper page and transmits a coded image of the page over a TelephoneSystem to a receiving FaxMachine, which decodes the coded and image and prints a replica of the original. A typical FaxMachine is made up of a scanner, a printer, a modem, and a control panel with some sort of status display.
 main telephone lineA MainTelephoneLine is one engineeringSubcomponent of a TelephoneSystem used for voice communication or computer data transfer.
 microphoneA CommunicationDevice that converts sound into electrical energy.
 projection screenA CommunicationDevice upon which images are projected so that they can be viewed.
 receiver deviceAn ElectricDevice that is capable of receiving and decoding RadioEmissions, e.g. Radios and Televisions.
 telegraphA Device that permits LinguisticCommunication between remote points by means of a code of aural dots and dashes that can be converted into letters of an alphabet.
 telephoneA Telephone is a CommunicationDevice that enables LinguisticCommunication between nodes in a TelephoneSystem by converting sound into electrical signals that are then transmitted. When the signals are received, they are converted back into sound.
 TelephonyDeviceA TelephonyDevice is a CommunicationDevice that, when connected to a TelephoneSystem, functions as an access point allowing end users (Humans or other Agents, such as autonomous/scheduled ComputerPrograms) to send or receive signals via the system. Telephones and FaxMachines are TelephonyDevices. A given Computer may or may not function as a TelephonyDevice, depending on the ComputerPrograms it runs and the ComputerComponents that are part of it.
 telexTelex is a Telegraph-like CommunicationDevice that is used to send messages over a TelephoneSystem.

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