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Sigma KEE - waveHeight

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation waveHeight ChineseLanguage "waveHeight 是一个二元谓语 BinaryPredicate. (waveHeight ?WW ?X) 的意思是 ?X 高度 (LengthMeasure)是水体(BodyOfWater)兴起 ?WW (WaterWave 波浪)的 波峰和前面波谷高度(altitude)的差别。") Weather.kif 1410-1412
(documentation waveHeight EnglishLanguage "waveHeight is a BinaryPredicate. (waveHeight ?WW ?X) means that ?X is the LengthMeasure of the difference between the altitude of the crest and its leading trough of the BodyOfWater of where a ?WW (WaterWave) takes place.") Weather.kif 1406-1409
(domain waveHeight 1 WaterWave) Weather.kif 1413-1413 The number 1 argument of wave height is an instance of water wave
(domain waveHeight 2 LengthMeasure) Weather.kif 1414-1414 The number 2 argument of wave height is an instance of length measure
(instance waveHeight BinaryPredicate) Weather.kif 1415-1415 wave height is an instance of binary predicate
(subclass waveHeight ConstantQuantity) Weather.kif 1416-1416 wave height is a subclass of constant quantity

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage waveHeight "The waveHeight of %1 %2.") Weather.kif 1417-1417
(termFormat ChineseLanguage waveHeight "波高") domainEnglishFormat.kif 27851-27851
(termFormat EnglishLanguage waveHeight "wave height") domainEnglishFormat.kif 27850-27850


        (instance ?WW WaterWave)
        (waveHeight ?WW ?WH))
    (exists (?LIST ?WA ?U)
            (inList ?WH ?LIST)
            (instance ?WA WaterArea)
            (eventLocated ?WW ?WA)
            (instance ?U LengthMeasure)
            (significantWaveHeight ?WA
                (WhenFn ?WW)
                (MeasureFn ?SWH ?U))
            (equal ?SWH
                (MultiplicationFn 4.0
                    (StandardDeviationFn ?LIST))))))
Weather.kif 1531-1546
    (waveHeight ?WW ?X)
    (exists (?WATER ?CREST ?TROUGH)
            (instance ?WATER BodyOfWater)
            (eventLocated ?WW ?WATER)
            (part ?CREST ?WATER)
            (part ?TROUGH ?WATER)
            (distance ?CREST ?TROUGH ?X)
                (exists (?A ?AH)
                        (part ?A ?WATER)
                        (altitude ?A ?CREST
                            (MeasureFn ?AH ?U))
                        (greaterThan ?AH 0.0))))
                (exists (?B ?BH)
                        (part ?B ?WATER)
                        (altitude ?TROUGH ?B
                            (MeasureFn ?BH ?U))
                        (greaterThan ?BH 0.0)))))))
Weather.kif 1419-1439

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