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Sigma KEE - StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction
StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction(stockpiling weapon of mass destruction)

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(documentation StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction EnglishLanguage "Manufacturing a significant quantity of instances of a WeaponOfMassDestruction, i.e. the weapons are not produced at the scale of a single laboratory or a pilot program. These weapons may or may not be deployed (see DeployingWeaponOfMassDestruction).") WMD.kif 698-701
(subclass StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction DevelopingWeaponOfMassDestruction) WMD.kif 697-697 Stockpiling weapon of mass destruction is a subclass of developing weapon of mass destruction
(subclass StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction Manufacture) WMD.kif 696-696 Stockpiling weapon of mass destruction is a subclass of manufacture

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(termFormat ChineseLanguage StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction "储存大规模杀伤性武器") domainEnglishFormat.kif 55407-55407
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction "儲存大規模殺傷性武器") domainEnglishFormat.kif 55406-55406
(termFormat EnglishLanguage StockpilingWeaponOfMassDestruction "stockpiling weapon of mass destruction") domainEnglishFormat.kif 55405-55405

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