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Sigma KEE - Sievert

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(documentation Sievert ChineseLanguage "这是国际单位制量度受辐射等效生物当量的单位。符号:Sv。它是 电离辐射的一个生物剂量的单位。Sievert令归化不同类型的辐射剂量变得可行。它考虑到电离辐射的相对生物学效力, 因为这种辐射的每种形式,对于指定的吸收剂量,例如X射线、伽马射线、中子,对活组织具有轻微不同的影响。想等于 一种指定辐射的剂量(Sievert)是以 Gray 为剂量的辐射乘以基于辐射的相对生物效应的一个品质因数。因此, 1 Sievert 通常定义为大致等于伽马辐射1 Gray 生物效力的辐射量。Sievert = J/ kg = m^2*s^(-2)") chinese_format.kif 2574-2578
(documentation Sievert EnglishLanguage "SI dose equivalent measure. Symbol: Sv. It is a unit of biologic dose of ionizing radiation. The Sievert makes it possible to normalize doses of different types of radiation. It takes into account the relative biologic effectiveness of ionizing radiation, since each form of such radiation--e.g., X rays, gamma rays, neutrons-- has a slightly different effect on living tissue for a given absorbed dose. The dose equivalent of a given type of radiation (in Sievert) is the dose of the radiation in Gray multiplied by a quality factor that is based on the relative biologic effectiveness of the radiation. Accordingly, one Sievert is generally defined as the amount of radiation roughly equivalent in biologic effectiveness to one Gray of gamma radiation. Sievert = J/ kg = m^2*s^(-2).") Merge.kif 6980-6991
(instance Sievert CompositeUnitOfMeasure) Merge.kif 6977-6977 Sievert is an instance of CompositeUnitOfMeasure
(instance Sievert SystemeInternationalUnit) Merge.kif 6978-6978 Sievert is an instance of systeme international unit

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(termFormat ChineseLanguage Sievert "希沃特") domainEnglishFormat.kif 52983-52983
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Sievert "希沃特") domainEnglishFormat.kif 52982-52982
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Sievert "sievert") domainEnglishFormat.kif 52981-52981

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