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Sigma KEE - ReproductiveBody
ReproductiveBody(reproductive body)
Job's_tears, Mexican_jumping_bean, accessory_fruit, acinus, acorn, aggregate_fruit, algarroba, algarroba_bean, amaranth, antherozoid, apple_nut, archespore, archesporium, ariled, arillate, arthrospore, arthrosporic, arthrosporous, ascosporic, ascosporous, ash-key, bacca, basidial, basidiosporous, buckeye, buckthorn_berry, bur, burr, calabar_bean, calabash, capsulate, capsulated, carob, carob_bean, carposporic, carposporous, caryopsis, cedar_nut, cembra_nut, chickpea, cola_nut, conker, cormose, cormous, cowage, cubeb, divi-divi, drupe, drupelet, false_fruit...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ReproductiveBody ChineseLanguage "这是 Organism 的繁殖结构,它包括 Embryonic Object 和一个 营养/ 保护包。注:这个类别包括种子、孢子、 FruitOrVegetable 和由 Animal 排的蛋。") chinese_format.kif 3499-3500
(documentation ReproductiveBody EnglishLanguage "Reproductive structure of Organisms. Consists of an Embryonic Object and a nutritive/ protective envelope. Note that this class includes seeds, spores, and FruitOrVegetables, as well as the eggs produced by Animals.") Merge.kif 15019-15022
(externalImage ReproductiveBody " thumb/ 9/ 9e/ Senegal_egg_10s06.JPG/ 111px-Senegal_egg_10s06.JPG") pictureList.kif 1232-1232
(subclass ReproductiveBody BodyPart) Merge.kif 15018-15018 Reproductive body is a subclass of body part

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Egg ReproductiveBody) Merge.kif 15024-15024 Egg is a subclass of reproductive body
(subclass FruitOrVegetable ReproductiveBody) Merge.kif 15055-15055 Fruit or vegetable is a subclass of reproductive body
(subclass Mushroom ReproductiveBody) Food.kif 2683-2683 Mushroom is a subclass of reproductive body
(subclass Pollen ReproductiveBody) Merge.kif 15048-15048 Pollen is a subclass of reproductive body
(subclass Seed ReproductiveBody) Merge.kif 15036-15036 Seed is a subclass of reproductive body
(subclass Spore ReproductiveBody) Merge.kif 15061-15061 Spore is a subclass of reproductive body
(termFormat ChineseLanguage ReproductiveBody "繁殖体") chinese_format.kif 1017-1017
(termFormat EnglishLanguage ReproductiveBody "reproductive body") english_format.kif 1246-1246
(termFormat FrenchLanguage ReproductiveBody "corps reproducteur") french_format.kif 695-695
(termFormat Hindi ReproductiveBody "janana sharIra") terms-hindi.txt 226-226
(termFormat ItalianLanguage ReproductiveBody "CorpoRiproduttivo") terms-it.txt 229-229
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage ReproductiveBody "生殖体") japanese_format.kif 2378-2378
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage ReproductiveBody "Corpo Reprodutor") portuguese_format.kif 647-647
(termFormat cz ReproductiveBody "reproductive body") terms-cz.txt 264-264
(termFormat ro ReproductiveBody "corp reproductiv") relations-ro.kif 716-716
(termFormat tg ReproductiveBody "bahagi ng kapanganakan") terms-tg.txt 230-230


        (instance ?BODY ReproductiveBody)
        (part ?BODY ?ORG)
        (instance ?ORG Organism))
    (attribute ?ORG Female))
Merge.kif 18117-18122


    (attribute ?ORG Embryonic)
    (exists (?BODY)
            (instance ?BODY ReproductiveBody)
            (located ?ORG ?BODY))))
Merge.kif 18196-18201
    (holdsDuring ?T
        (attribute ?A Clothed))
    (holdsDuring ?T
            (exists (?P)
                    (instance ?P ReproductiveBody)
                    (part ?P ?A)
                        (exists (?C)
                                (instance ?C Clothing)
                                (covers ?C ?P)))))))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 30160-30173
    (instance ?REP Replication)
    (exists (?BODY)
            (instance ?BODY ReproductiveBody)
            (result ?REP ?BODY))))
Merge.kif 10323-10328

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